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I have had a number of Volvos including the boxy 240 series and S40 models. When it comes to Volvo specific servicing and repairs things can be a little difficult trying to find someone both reliable and economical to get the car serviced, especially someone that knows the correct Volvo servcing cycles. Albeit the Volvos are reasonably cheap to maintain compared to some of the other european makes eg. BMW to get serviced and parts for. There are many Volvo new car dealerships around Melbourne but from experience they will charge an arm and a leg for servicing and parts that I just couldn’t afford to go and get my car repaired at a traditional Volvo dealership.

Volvo Repairers In Melbourne.

In Melbourne, I generally used Voldat for my repairs. Voldat are based in Moorabin on Melbourne’s eastern side. I have had some really, somewhat dodgy experiences with mechanics in Melbourne. Take my S40 for instance, I took it to a “specialist” who claimed to specialise in the servicing of european makes and models and was told I needed a fuel pump. I went ahead and paid for everything as the car was randomly breaking down. A week later, I broke down again and then at another repairer, this time a specialised Volvo repairer was told that I needed a new fuel pump. Surprise, surprise, the fuel pump that they took out of my vehicle was the cars original fuel pump and dated also to indicate the age of the pump. A lot of Volvo drivers that I know therefore go to Volvo specific mechanics that not only know Volvos, own Volvos, but largely specialise in Volvos for their bread and butter business.

There are perhaps many repairers who claim to specialise in Volvo cars around Melbourne but the two I recommend are:

Voldat – established in 1987 and is situated at 46 Roberna ST, Moorabbin. The mechanics here largely work on Volvos and have extensive experience in earlier and late model vehicles. They also do restoration work on Volvos.

Berry Motor Group – These guys are based in Mitcham. I tended to go to Voldat over Berry Motors but perhaps due to the convenience of Voldats location. Berry Motors do Volvo servicing, Volvo repairs and also Volvo new and used parts and car sales as well as being in business over 30 years.

I recently purchased a new although C 30 model car and looked around for some servicing. The Volvo dealers are quite expensive charging about $190 per hour just for service and the service would have come in at over $600 which is by my standards are crazy price. One company that charges around $350 for service and has many, in fact over 60 reviews on Google  is called Coxes auto or Cox auto service which is an in the Suburb of South Melbourne.  Cox is not just servicing Volvo vehicles but all European brands.. When I spoke to Cox’s I was quite impressed by the level of detail that the staff member went into and the time it took to answer my questions.  With that many Google reviews as well and the time people have taken to respond to riding a review I would certainly be looking at this company should you have a late model Volvo.With a lot of the non-Volvo companies you going to get diagnostics that are not from the Volvo manufacturer and if you’re driving an old of although this probably doesn’t matter it’s all the same anyway but if you’re driving a late model Volvo then it might be worthwhile in fact very that you go to a genuine although dealership to get the car serviced and have the latest diagnostics and firmware updates applied to your vehicle. A good Volvo mechanic all be able to tell you the difference between aftermarket diagnostic equipment and the genuine. If you paid a lot of money for your vehicle then you need to decide whether you going to go with the latest and get the latest or go with aftermarket.

I would highly recommend checking out Coxes auto for a quote on a service. And read the Google reviews which scored 4.1 out of five stars based on over 60 reviews at the time of writing which is quite impressive.

Another places called Silverstone Volvo at Doncaster. If you’re on a budget then these guys will be too much for your trusty or Volvo but they are Volvo dealers and sell brand-new Volvo cars at their showroom and Doncaster which is just down from the Westfield shopping centre.

Another company worth checking out is called Swedish prestige. Excellent communication I had on the phone as well at times when I was servicing my wallet is 40 as you can see on the Volvo driver.  Swedish prestige actually also fine tune the vehicles with Heico parts and accessoriesAnd you can see the difference these products make on Volvo vehicles on their website. These parts are from a German manufacturer

Might be worth checking out and if you do report back to us here so we can add some comments to the article.

Another way to find out where to go for repairs or access Volvo parts and spares is to locate local Volvo clubs and enthusiasts. I’m sure they would be glad to offer assistance and information. There are many model specific discussion groups online and even general discussion forums on Volvo cars.

Volvo related car clubs:The Volvo Club of Victoria has a great website and has regular meetings at Camberwell or events organised. There is a membership payable if you want to take part in the club.

If you have any questions there are also Volvo specific forums that you could post a question.

Another good way to network and find information about Volvos is to use Facebook Groups. There are many groups on Facebook and you will be surprised the number of members of some of these groups.

Just as a shortlist theres the Volvo Enthusiasts Group Australia as well as this group of the same name and the Volvo 1800-120 club Australia.

Volvo Wrecking and Parts Suppliers In Melbourne.

I’d be interested to add some more Melbourne wreckers here to the list with specific focus on Volvo spare parts. For those driving the older model volvos, getting parts from wreckers can be an economical choice. Its been a while since I have been around to any of these companies but here are some Melbourne Volvo parts suppliers.

Volv-Parts – These guys are a Volvo parts and wrecking company based in Keysborough as well as having an Ebay store to buy Volvo parts online. Their website claims to have over 2,000 dismantled Volvos and an extensive parts supply list and range on offer. Volv-Parts also sell parts on Ebay and when I last checked had reasonably good user reviews and feedback. Their ebay store has quite an extensive offering of Volvo specific parts online including mirrors and rear vision mirrors, steering wheels, spark plugs, fuel pumps, headlights and tail lights and more for many models including Volvo XC90, 740 series, S80, 850, S40 and V50 models etc. A very wide list of Volvo models listed and spare parts for sale.

Berry Motor Group (see the website link above) also has both new and used parts. The parts are recycled from wrecked and dismantled Volvo cars. Most repairers including Voldat have access to networks for used parts also and after market parts for Volvos.

I’ve generally had no problems locating parts for the more popular makes of Volvos I had.

Volvo wrecking Melbourne

Photo of an S40 Volvo that was advertised on Gumtree for wrecking.  Photo: Gumtree.

Finding Volvo Parts Online from private sellers:  Sometimes its worth looking online in Gumtree again if you are after Volvo parts. By chance, you may get lucky, perhaps someone advertising a Volvo for wrecking. Generally these are private owners whom you’ll be dealing with and the prices in some cases can be very negotiable but as luck would have it more than likely it will be a bit of a drive to inspect. At the time of writing there was a Volvo S40 (I used to own a 1999 model S40) advertised on gumtree for wrecking.

If you want to check up any reviews on Volvo mechanics in Melbourne you can check the google ratings that appear sometimes in the top right corner of search results, they used to call that google local or places.  You will see the reviews come up anyway.  True Local used to have some reviews but one I usually check and have more faith in the reviews is an Australian consumer website called Word Of Mouth.

If anyone has some recommendations as to cheap volvo repairers in Melbourne or even Volvo parts suppliers then I’d love to add them to my list here.

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