Truck And Machinery Buyers? Try Slattery Auctions In July.

Slattery Auctions have a huge lineup of trucks and cars including machinery and general items coming up for auction in July 2015.

Who Are Slattery Auctions

Slattery’s have 5 venues where sales are conducted. These are Hexam in New South Wales, Villawood in Sydney, Dandenong South in Melbourne, Slattery Auctions in Brisbane at Stafford on Brisbane’s northside and Perth at their St George’s Terrace offices. You can find out more at their website what they do, who they are as well as how to get in contact with them.

Slattery’s are both auctioneers and valuers. They have been in business for around 15 years (since 2000) and deal with the remarketing of agricultural and farming equipment, road transport, mining and engineering, earthmoving, automotive, retail, aviation, marine and manufacturing equipment.

The company holds around 8 national car auctions a month and are members of the Auctioneers and Valuers Association, the National Aircraft appraisal association, the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers and affiliate members of the society of accredited marine surveyors.

The articles to date have been to a large extent on car auctions but this weeks feature is about truck auctions. So if you are chasing a truck and trailer for that matter then this weeks article will tell you one auction company whos stock is worth keeping an eye out for.

The company that is featured this week is called Slattery Auctions. The focus of this weeks article is as mentioned buying trucks at auction (as well as ancillary items such as trailers).

Slattery’s have regular weekly sales and regarding cars they have quite a good range including European vehicles for auction, e.g., The lots advertised that I saw at the time of writing included Range Rover, BMW, Audi vehicles as well as utes like Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Tritons and Toyota Landcruisers. There were Navaras to makes and models of Holdens, Hyundai and Nissan.


Slattery’s have trucks coming up in July for sale in three locations. Perth, Hexham in NSW and Dandenong in Melbourne.

Let’s look at each location and what is on offer for the July auctions.

Truck and Machinery Auction held at Villawood in NSW.
When: 8th of July, 2015 at 10 am.

The auction is scheduled to end at 3 pm. There is live bidding available as opposed to the online bidding that sometimes done.

Items for auction can be found on the Slattery’s website and include a Freightliner Argosy 09 truck. This diesel powered manual truck manufactured on 1/11/2008 and had a compliance date of 1/03./2009. You’ll need to register with Slattery’s to bid for this truck.

All up five trucks were being auctioned. The other trucks being offer at the July auction are a Scania, smaller Nissan truck, a 1984 Mitsubishi FV4 and a Man 33342 model.

Actually, in checking the catalog the Villawood auction will host not just trucks but utes like Tritons, Hilux, a Harley Davidson motorbike and boats and some outboard motors for sale, used forklifts for sale, ute tubs with backboards and tail lights and various crates of smaller items.

Aircraft Auction to be held at Jandakot Airport

Date of the auction: 9th July 2015 at 10 am

Jandakot Airport is located in Western Australia and, unfortunately, it’s too far away for me to attend, but four planes are being auctioned by Slattery’s. The planes are 2012 and 2013 years build and are Aquila AT model aircraft. Contact the Perth office of Slattery’s for more information.

Slattery’s Queensland office has a busy month scheduled in July 2015 with trucks, machinery, cars and general items auctioned on 21 July following car auctions on 2nd July and 7th July also planned as well as another auction of trucks scheduled for 18 August.

Scheduled are around 15 trucks in cluding a couple of Western Star, one with sleeper cabin and the other truck without, 2 Freightliners, an Iveco, two Volvo FH12’s, 4 Kenworths, International, etc.

There is also an enclosed triaxle trailer as well as other open truck trailers for auction. Other items which are interesting for auction are a Kockums Powder trailer, a 2008 Volvo articulated grader, hydraulic excavators, steam rollers and bob cats. More detail, refer to the Slattery’s website and go to the “catalogue” section.

The NSW office at Hexam has scheduled an auction for 22 July 2015 for trucks, machinery, cars and general items being auctioned also. There are a range of vehicles and Pantec 14 footers being offered at this auction coming up in July. All up being auctioned there are 15 vehicles which include an Iveco truck, Kenworth, International and a Sterling Truck. The smaller Pantec’s are Mitsubishi and Isuzu and Hino. You can check out the offering of vehicles here. There are other odds and ends including trailers, excavator buckets, used forklifts for auction etc.

Slattery’s Dandenong, Melbourne rooms will have on the 23 July an auction of Trucks, Machinery, etc. On the companies auction catalogue is featured at the time of writing nine trucks auctioned on the 23rd. These include vehicles dated between 2000 to 2013 and are Iveco, Mitsubishi, Hino, Volvo, Kenworth, Freightliner and Isuzu. Also, for sale are twenty-foot shipping containers, equipment and tools such as chainsaws, blowers, whipper snippers and some electrical items.

General Comments

As far as I know you can inspect the items for sale the day prior to the auction and the morning of the auction until 15 minutes prior to the auction starting. The company does say that buyers are warned to inspect all the lots before bidding. There isn’t warranty given on any lots – its a case of “buyer beware” when bidding for items and becomes the buyers risk at the fall of the hammer.

As for the vehicles. Can you start a vehicle and run it? The website of Slattery’s says – No (partly – see next). You can only look at the vehicle and do a visual inspection. If you wish to start a vehicle and look at the log books you need to attend at a scheduled inspection day and time.

Slattery auctions are open to the public and its the same process of registeration like most other auctions. The registration component is free. You can even bid online. To offer online you need to purchase a token. More information about online bidding is on the Slattery website. A token is a preauthorised or reserved amount from your designated credit card (this is called a “preauth”). No money is deducted form your credit card unless you have successfully bid on the lot. You need to finalise everything for online bidding 24 hours before the auction.

truck auction slattery auctionsRemember also that all the lots have a buyers premium. The buyers premium at auction varies, and you need to discuss this with Slattery and factor this into your price. There is also a credit card charge of 2%.

The hammer price includes GST.

So once you have successfully bid on a vehicle you need to drive it away. You will need to get a permit to drive a vehicle from the relevant roads authority office whether it be VicRoads or Queensland Transport etc. Permits are required to drive unregistered vehicles and the fines are very severe for driving an unregistered vehicle on the road in all states. We have discussed the fines for having an unregistered vehicle on the road – here. Slattery’s don’t do any of the roadworthy inspections such as pink slips and you have to transfer the vehicle into your name withing 7 days of the auction. Some cars may be sold without registration. This you need to check prior to buying.

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