Getting to Melbourne Airport Without Surprises.

This article builds on our feature article about Melbourne Airport car parking and Avalon airport transfer or transport options we wrote previously.

Some people do not mind doing everything at last minute, the outcome of which isn’t so bad if it is a movie or dinner but arriving late for the airport can be a recipe for disaster and extreme stress. The best bet in those situations is a taxi to Melbourne Airport. There are lots of options, so everyone can find something to fit his or her needs. Personally, I have been using Uber around town and have found Uber to be not only a better service but more affordable. There are also privately run airport transfer services advertising online that can do individual transfers to Tullamarine Airport or group transfers.  If you download the free Uber app here, then you will get a discount of between $10 and $30 depending on the promo when you download.

Of all the choices available, taxis are the fastest way of getting to the airport. Some users, including myself, may argue Uber but in the end, both when you are in the cab, both will arrive at the same time. You can leave when you are ready, and be taken directly to the domestic or international terminals. For Jetstar users, from memory Uber was not servicing Avalon the last time I went via Avalon for a flight (this may have changed by now). There are so many ways to find a taxi nowadays that convenience is an understatement and downloading an app onto your phone has made life a whole lot easier.

You can of course just walk out to street and hail a taxi. Many cabs are driving around in Melbourne but hailing one from the suburbs is a little more inconvenient. At night time, as long as you see one with the dome light on, wave you hand, and it should stop. If you are worried about safety, then remember that all certified drivers will be wearing a neat uniform, and have an identity card on display. With apps like Uber, you get to see a photo of the driver, the drivers registration and mobile number and the route is mapped out by GPS on a map within the app itself. With Uber, everything is prepaid, so you know exactly how much the trip is going to cost but be mindful of Uber’s surge charging system which can substantially change your intended route fare.

Taxis from Melbourne City CBD to Melbourne Airport.

Depending on the time hailing a taxi can be a little risky if you are on a tight schedule. Another option is to head to one of the Safe City taxi rank locations. There are four that are operated by the Melbourne City Council and offer a safer environment for passengers. They are open from 11 pm to 5 am, and you can find them at:
• Flinders Street Station (Swanston Street)
• 20 Bourke Street
• 8 King Street
• 200 Queen Street mega rank.

A few other taxi ranks not run by the City Council can be found at railway stations, some shopping centers, the Crown Casino, and, of course, the Melbourne airport.

Even easier is having a taxi come to you. Many of the major taxi companies, such as Silver Service, Black Cab, Cabit, Silver Top Taxi, and MaxiTaxi, offer online booking. You can schedule one in advance, and it will be there when you step out of your door.

Mobile point pickup is also an option. There’s an app called goCatch that connects directly to all the available taxis in the area. It is available for Apple and Android phones. As mentioned above, Uber is another widely available choice, with drivers all over the city. I use Uber frequently so have a bias towards recommending the Uber app to my friends.

How Much Does A Taxi Cost To Melbourne Airport?

Prices will vary, but from Melbourne city center it will typically cost $55-65. Payment is easy, as certified taxis accept cash, credit card, EFTPOS, and Cabcharge. There are a few things to be mindful of, however:
• A 5% service charge applied to credit cards
• Prepaid fares required for trips between 10 pm and 5 am
• Additional fees may be charged on holidays

You might want to calculate your taxi fare and there are taxi fare calculators online.

How long does it take to travel from Melbourne Airport to the City.

A taxi to Melbourne airport from the CBD area usually takes around 30 minutes, allow more time during peak hours. The morning peak is 5:30 am to 9:00 am, and the evening peak is 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Journeys can take up to 60 minutes and during those times you’ll be greeted by long check-in lines at the airport, so make sure to leave well in advance.

If you have special requirements, then you will want to check ahead of time and make sure the company can meet your needs. Several companies have wheelchair user accessible vehicles available, and some, such as Silver Service, can provide child seats on request. When travelling with large groups of people, or when looking for a little more luxury, private car and limousine services can also be found. Prices are a little higher, ranging from $80 to $150, but it might be a fun way to treat yourself.

Melbourne Airport Bus

Unfortunately, Melbourne doesn’t have a train system from the Melbourne Airport to the city centre. Unlike many other capital cities around the Melbourne airport busworld, there was never a train service built.

You can catch a Melbourne Airport bus however which departs regularly shuttling people from Tullamarine to the CBD. The service is called Skybus.

For bus transport options and updates check the Melbourne Airport website which has a detailed map. Using the public transport service from the airport might involve buying a Myki which is a cashless ticketing card.

For those, even more, outbound such as Frankston or Bayside areas of Melbourne there is Fapas.  There are buses to Geelong but I cannot comment, the last time I went to Geelong I caught a train from Southern Cross train station.

For the convenience and speed, taking a taxi to Melbourne Airport is an easy way to start your travels. Between the regulations and taxi companies themselves, it is safer and easier than ever before to find and pay for a smooth trip to the airport. It saves the hassle of hauling luggage in and out of buses, and who would with a little extra piece of mind.

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