Quick Guide To Understanding Red Light Cameras.

Many people do not think much about red light and speed cameras until they have been caught by one for an offence. Daily, speed cameras catch about 0.5% of passing motorists, meaning that almost everyone is normally within the speeding limits. However, it is red light cameras that bring about the most questions. With such a thin barrier between being fined or in the clear, it’s useful to know how red light cameras catch offenders:

  • The red light cameras are connected to induction sensors in the road that turn on a half second after the red light appears
  • The sensors are in the area right before the stop line but are not in the intersection
  • The cameras take two pictures with a one-second separation to see if a vehicle continued into the intersection after crossing the stop line

If the vehicle was already in the intersection or has just passed the sensors when the light turns red, there is no fine.

Avoiding Fines

Here are some tips for avoiding fines from red light cameras and sensors:

  • When the light turns yellow, you should be able to judge if you can stop safely or go through the intersection.
  • Do not ever try to beat the red light by speeding up. Red light cameras can also be programmed to detect speeding offences, besides the fact that is risky to not only yourself but also fellow motorists.
  • If you are not able to stop before the stop line but know that you need to stop before the red light, the road rules do allow motorists to not be fined if they stop before the intersection.

Mobile Speed Cameras

Mobile speed cameras can only be placed in areas where the local police have authorised them to be set up. Operators prepare the cameras for a vicinity and after a period of time, they are taken down and the data is analysed. The data for each camera is sent to two workers who thoroughly assess and examine the data for speeding offenders. The cameras are confirmed to be in the appropriate location and data revealing offenders is double-checked to ensure that an offence has occurred. This highly reduces the possibility of an infringement being received in error by an individual.

Can I Apply For A Red Light Camera Infringement Review?

If you have received a notice for an infringement of road laws caught by either of these cameras, you may apply for an Internal Review. Internal Reviews allow you to receive a warning instead of the fine. If your offence has to do with a red light, there is no possibility of receiving a warning because of the seriousness of such an offence, unless you can prove that you drove through a red light for an emergency.

However, if your notice has to do with speeding, there is a possibility of receiving a warning. To warrant an Internal Review, you have to claim:

  • You were not exceeding the speed limit by more than 10 km/h
  • You do not deny that you committed the offence
  • You have not received any type of safety related infringement or official warning in the last 2 years
  • You have not received any demerit points and 5 or more infringement notices in the past 3 years

If your infringement was connected with drunk or drug driving, mobile phone, seatbelt, or any other type of safety impairment, then you are extremely unlikely to get off with a warning. You can apply for the Internal Review at any time before the records have been made official with the Infringements Court.

If your Internal Review is successful, it could lead to the infringement notice being dropped completely with no repercussions, only an official warning, or the handing over of the matter to the Magistrate’s Court or Children’s Court for minor drivers who have committed the offence.

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Article By Guest Author - David Baker.

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