How To Reduce Repair Costs For Vehicle Panel Damage. Tried Paintless Dent Removal?

Dealing with small dints on the car can be frustrating and time-consuming. There’s dealing with the panel beaters to find the best quote or dealing with the insurance. There is a way to get possibly cheaper repairs and done quite quickly those small dints that were caused by hail, shopping trolleys and the like. There is a way to have a panel repairer come to your home and office as well called paintless dent removals or PDR. There are many paintless dent removal repairers in Melbourne. You may be at this article researching what is exactly paintless dent removal or trying to find some recommendations online for paintless dent removal repairers in Melbourne; then you ‘ve reached the right place.

First up, what is paintless dent removal?

Wikipedia explains what paintless dent removal is in more detail. PDR as its commonly know is a method of removing minor dents from cars as long as the paintwork remains intact. Paintless dent removal can be used on both aluminium as well as steel vehicle panels. Its often used on small dents but can be significant such as hail damage, door strikes, shopping trolley hits, minor creases to large dents and body line damage. Large dents can be even long say 45 cm in length. It’s not an issue of length, it’s about the depth of the damage. Often there’s no respraying and all the other work associated with conventional panel beating work. Light scratches and scuffs on the paintwork can be polished out.

How much does paintless dent removal cost.

The cost of the paintless dent removal repairs, of course, varies on a case by case basis. It is fair to say that the cost of repair is cheaper and ranges from around $100 or $150 to just over $200 depending on the vehicle if its not a prestige car. The cost that PDR repairers charge is generally done on a the basis of size of the dent, not how long it takes to remove the dent. Creases can be very time consuming to repair. Small dents can take around 1 hour to fix and larger dents can take up to a few hours to make reparation. The cost will increase if you have multiple dents to remove so be prepared to negotiate with the paintless dent repair technician on a package to do the work.

By comparison, traditional panel beating jobs may range more than $600 to $800 even with finished metallic paintwork it could go into the thousands of dollars to get repaired. Again pricing is on a case by case basis. One thing is that significant collision damage cannot be repaired using paintless dent repair methods, particularly when the paintwork is affected, or the metal has been stretched. In these cases, severe damage has to be repaired using traditional body shop methods of vehicle repair and even severely damaged panels may or will need to be replaced and repainted. PDR in itself is not expensive, though.

PDR can be applied to a lot of areas of the vehicle as long as the dent isn’t particularly deep.

Can I get a mobile paintless dent repairer around to my home?

The answer is, Yes. There are a small number of tools that the PDR technician needs to perform the paintless dent repair, and therefore, the business of paintless dent repairs can be done at your home, office or anywhere such as a garage or under a carport. A lot of the paintless dent repair companies in Melbourne service a wide area around Melbourne metro and the outer Melbourne suburbs.

Mobile paintless dent repairers can handle a variety of repair sizes from small to larger areas, but again, the paintwork should not be broken or cracked.

What are the advantages of paintless dent removals.

The good thing about PDR jobs is that there are no paints, no sanding and no messy fillers used to fix the dented panel. The process also means there’s no mismatching of paintwork on the vehicle. The costs will be considerably less than a body shop repair, and the PDR specialist can come to you. The work can also be done while you are waiting.

Many of the paintless dent removal companies that have websites feature before and after photographs so you can get an idea of the types of jobs the PDR approach deals with.

Paintless Dent Removal Companies In Melbourne.

Heres a list of Melbourne-based paintless dent repair companies that were recommended to me or I dug out from my files. Just as a disclosure, I am not sponsored or have been paid in any way for any of these repairers. They have been included based on relevancy for this article.

Independent Paintless Dent Repairs – Owner operator. Ross on 0415 165 387. Servicing the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Interestingly I found this company via an automotive forum discussing panel beating and the user going by the pen name RAD was giving some excellent replies to some of the forum members. He seemed to take a lot of time to address some of the questions and clarify the points of paintless dent removal that I have placed him first on the list. Their website claims to offer to price starting from $100+ GST for door dings and $150 + GST for credit card sized dents. I can also mention Sheen Panel Service in Kensington

Dentrix – These guys are based in Ringwood in Melbourne and came recommended to me by a colleague. I couldn’t comment on pricing for PDR work, though. Ian is the operator who has over seven years experience in panel beating work. You can contact Ian on his mobile 0419 882 132 or 03 9879 4829. They do all types of PDR work including hail damage, car parking dings, etc.

Fixadent is another company that is based in Melbourne. Fixadent is not a franchise operation and is owner operated by Steve Cohen, and they also specialise in paintless dent removal work. They fix common dents caused by shopping trolleys, car doors and hail and work is suited for small dents between a 5 cent piece and up to the size of a tennis ball usually. You can contact Steve on 0418 397 197. Fixadent claims most dents can be repaired for as little as “$120 + GST” but of course pricing is usually on a case by case basis with jobs generally taking about 1 hour to do.

Amazing Dent Removal Located in Airport West in Melbourne open 9 am to 4:30 pm by appointment Monday to Friday. Amazing Dent Removal don’t offer mobile repair services.

Another glowing recommendation I have seen online is Phil Kube from QB Dentfree. Phil does Paintless Dent Repairs even at your home or office and operates throughout the East and South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Phils number is 0437957664.

If you are after a mobile paintless dent removal service, then you could try some of the advertisers off gumtree. I tend to use this more often than other service directories like yellow pages these days. There are ads such as here offering mobile PDR. Be careful of the reviews with some of these online websites; some seem too “glowing” in praise to be true.

If after getting the repairs to your vehicle you might want to get the car detailed.  These guys are based in Melbourne and are called the Ultimate Detailer.

Video demonstration:

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