Looking For Mercedes Wreckers And Parts?

This weeks article is for readers out there looking for Mercedes Wreckers (and obviously Mercedes used spare parts) around Australia? Heres some listings and leads for Mercedes Benz wreckers to get you going.  I am hoping to keep this section updated.  I would prefer to mention wreckers or servicing centres that have come by word of mouth rather than just finding them off a directory site as usually people do like yellow pages, true local etc… so as they say, “watch this space grow”.

Interestingly, thoughts to write this article came from a Pickles Car Auction that was recently held which show cased quite a number of Mercedes vehicles.  Pickles do a monthly prestige auctions so if you are looking to get back into the market and buy another used Mercedes Benz perhaps checking out one of these auctions could be a money saver for you.

Mercedes Benz Parts – Online.

The main online parts websites are:
Find A Part Website: If you want to find some parts for that Mercedes Benz of yours and need to locate a wrecker why not try some of the spare parts directories online. Findapart is one such site that we discussed in other articles on our website and has 3 distinct areas.

Findapart claim to have a network of Mercedes dismantlers and
Mercedes-Benz parts suppliers. I have never used findapart for used Merc parts though so if you have some experiences by all means add a comment to the Facebook comments section below.

Listed on findapart at the time of writing were parts for the following models of Mercedes-Benz cars:

  • Mercedes 100 to 200’s and 300’s to 400’s series
  • Mercedes 500 up to Mercedes 600,
  • The Mercedes A140 and A160, A170, A180, A190 and A210.
  • Some Mercedes AMG, C Class, eg. C180, C200, C230.
  • Mercedes E Class, S Class,Kompressor, the companies Smart model.
  • Commercial vehicles such as the Sprinter, Roadster, Vito and lastly the Mercedes Viano in the vans and commercial vehicles range.

Finda part is broken into “looking for parts” ie. Buy from the wreckers. Selling your unwanted vehicle ie. Sell to wreckers and a classifieds section ie. Buying and selling of vehicles. The site is for all makes and models of vehicles. I checked the findapart classifieds and there were very limited offerings compared to the many advertisements on say Ebay (see below).

Gumtree: I have written extensively in other posts about this online free advertising resource called Gumtree. It can really bring out some surprises and if you are looking to buy second hand parts from vehicles currently wrecking then there are advertisements from private car owners who are wrecking their vehicles privately. On the flipside, Gumtree has been an excellent way to sell vehicles and if you are selling your car then you can post a free advertisement.  – Gumtree.com.au

Ebay has a lot of wrecking and spare parts for sale. I was looking for some bits for a Volvo I drove and found parts easily and at quite reasonable cost. For sellers who have an old car they want to dispose one way or another, Ebay may offer a lot more competition than trying to offload the vehicle through Gumtree for example. For sellers, my first port of call to sell my junk Merc would be Gumtree.com.au. When I checked Ebay listings I saw a nice range of manufacture year, models of vehicles and styles of vehicles for parts. There were Merc sedans to older coupes to a number of Mercedes Vito Vans advertised. Not all of the sellers on Ebay are private sellers and a number are actually wrecking companies who have expanded their bricks and mortar operations to online by setting up an ebay store.

Here are some examples of Mercedes Benz vehicles being advertised as “wrecking” on ebay.  There were quite a number of vehicles, models and makes including Vito vans for sale.

white convertible merc car wrecking

AD EXAMPLE #1 – White convertible Mercedes 1975 model being advertised for wrecking on ebay. A$200.00. Source: ebay.com.au

Wrecking of Mercedes Vito Vans

AD EXAMPLE #2 – White Mercedes Vito vans also under the wrecking classification in Ebay for parts. Various vans on offer. Source: ebay.com.au

Mercedes C200 model

Another example of a vehicle being advertised for wrecking on ebay. This case is a C200 model. Source: ebay.com.au

Social media and review sites to find Mercedes-Benz parts.

There are advantages to using social media to engage with other Merc owners to finding cheap parts or selling your vehicle. These guys are in the same boat and I know having done it for some of the euro model vehicles I’ve owned that its saved me money and time to finding parts suppliers and/or drastically cut my costs getting vehicle servicing done by taking it to the right people who didn’t charge an arm and a leg for a vehicle service.

Try website sites like word of mouth, Whirlpool and even look around on Facebook
groups. There are car clubs around for many vehicles even model specific car clubs offline and online on websites like FB. Ask the question 🙂  Many of the Facebook groups have thousands of members and are locally based in your city as well as quite active with postings.  These groups can be a real gold mine.

For forums check outOzbenz, Benzworld, Mercedes World, Mercedes CLA Australia and MB World. Actually there’s quite a few Mercedes discussion forums around but check the activity, some of them had not been active for a couple of years.

Mercedes-Benz Wreckers – Melbourne

Merc Bits (link is deactivated to mercbits (dot)com(dot)au as reports were coming back that the destination site was infected with “malware”).  Merc Bitstoyota yaris salvage auction is a Melbourne company and has new parts, used parts for commercial vehicles as well as passenger vehicles. They have parts and bits for Vito’s and Musso’s. They also have a delivery service in the Melbourne metro area. You can see the list of Mercedes-Benz models they are dismantling here for passenger cars and for commercial vehicles they have a list here.

Mercedes Wreckers German Star (site has recently been down) are also based in Melbourne. The company sells parts for vehicles being dismantled and also has a service workshop as well.

I suspect there would be a somewhat premium to be paid for the parts from the above two even if they are used parts.

For servicing of vehicles try German Technik. These guys specialise in Audi, VW and Skoda but will no doubt service Mercedes vehicles. They are based in North Melbourne.

Mercedes-Benz Servicing In Sydney
Heres some contacts I found digging around for people looking for Mercedes parts in Sydney. For brake spares try Matt from Race Brakes in Sydney.

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