Welcome to our website called carsaust.com. It is an Australian based website about automotive related topics.
Many of the articles have been written based on personal experience of the writer and others which researched. I hope that the information provided on this website is what you require. We have a tonne of motoring related features planned in the coming months related to buying and selling motor vehicles as well as reviewing vehicle accessories.

Our posts are covering Australia wide although many of the articles are Melbourne focused as well as a smaller amount of content related to Perth, South Australia and Brisbane.

Featured items include the following topics:

Car Auctions

Car Auctions – Our primary focus of this website is looking for ways to buy cheap cars. Car auctions are a good way to pick up cheap used vehicles. Many sales are being held each week all around Australia, and you can bid directly by attending in person or buy and sell cars through online bidding. Some of these auctions put through a massive number of vehicles. Companies that are big players in the Australian auto auction scene are Manheim Auctions and Pickles Car Auctions who have a national presence throughout Australia. There are many reasons why people go to auctions. You can get vehicles for salvage, damaged and spare parts. These are often attended by wreckers, panel beaters, car flippers looking to buy and “renovate” and the like. There is also an end of lease auctions, police car auctions, ex-government vehicles, cars being sold in one line, e.g., Corporate vehicles and more. These auctions are usually well attended by buyers as well as dealers, and some allow pre-inspection and open to the public even with a “buy now” price. Auctions are quite challenging, however, and you have to be aware in some cases you may be taking a risk in the purchase of a car at auction only to find it is a lemon.

Some seasonal factors also bring forward a lot of vehicles. Brisbane usually is subject to hailstorms and each year. In some years, there may be thousands of cars coming onto the market being sold by owners, dealers and insurance companies alike. These are called salvage auctions and usually, bring with it a headache for insurance companies but a boom for auction houses, panel beaters and bargains for buyers. You can read more about the salvage vehicle auctions that were held in Brisbane here and here.

In “Where to buy cheap cars online” we looked at car auctions in South Australia, and some damaged vehicles are being advertised as well as seized and repossessed vehicles.

As a general article on car sales, you can view an article providing a car auction overview in Australia here.  A recent piece we wrote was about Perth car auctions, and there are national and local auction houses represented handling a decent throughput of vehicles.  Pickles and Manheim Auctions have Perth operations, and there are smaller firms that are active in areas such as auctions for repossessed and police impounded cars.

Automotive Accessories

Another set of features and topics we are running are around automotive accessories. There are many accessories you can buy for your vehicle and in recent years following on from, e.g., In-car GPS devices and more are the dash cameras you can mount in your car. Dash cameras for some have been critical in silently monitoring what’s in front (you can even get rear vision cameras) including audio. These dash cameras provide evidence for insurers and police in the event of an incident, and you will see in the article that we wrote on dash cameras there have been on youtube videos of people caught in accidents and road rage incidents. The cameras provide a high definition video and audio as well as reasonably cheap to buy. There is no turning on and off; they start automatically when the vehicle starts and starts recording and capturing footage. Other accessories we have written about include Bicycle racks. Bike rack laws, in particular, are necessary to know no matter where you are there are different rules for carrying bikes on your vehicles. You are required to get a bicycle accessories plate in some states and even can be fined for having a bike rack mounted on your car but not carrying any bikes. Our article on bike rack laws in Australia covers each state from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and around to Perth.

There’s one thing that people hate doing, and that’s cleaning carbs and car parts. Our article on ultrasonic cleaners features these great machines. Not only can you clean most things, carbs, bike parts, fishing equipment, etc., but most of the cleaning can also be done with an ultrasonic cleaner solvent of just water. The ultrasonic cleaners we sell are via Amazon.com, and they are cheap. You can buy a good ultrasonic cleaner for under USD$50, and this should do most cleaning jobs. There are different kinds of ultrasonic cleaners such as with digital readers, heated water tanks and steel finish. You can see these on our links in the article on Ultrasonic cleaners. Sometimes people use a little bit of elbow grease and will use a specialised cleaning solvent. If you are a commercial operation such as a panel beater or a mechanic, perhaps you might want to consider a bigger commercial quality ultrasonic unit that has a stainless steel finish such as the Kendel unit. Kendal is a favorite brand of ultrasonic cleaner on the market and is very reliable. Our article “hands-free parts cleaning. Here’s how” is worth a read.

One of the problems with ordering online through organisations such as Amazon.com is that, apart from finding incredible deals such as cheap ultrasonic cleaners or discounted dash cams, some sellers restrict the sending of any purchases to non-USA addresses. As a result, a lot of people become disheartened at the prospect of shopping on Amazon. We have found a way to get around shipping from the USA to a non-US or Australian address using a freight forwarding company. Freight forwarders are great, and you can have the goods sent from Amazon.com directly to a US address and then sent to Australia. Some of these mail forwarding services can be expensive, so you need to shop around. Our article “How to buy from Amazon when they don’t ship to Australia” will explain all you know about getting goods from Amazon to Australia. We also look at the savings you can make and where you can go for more information.

Business Opportunities

Another area our site explores is business opportunities. Our first article is about buying a car wash business in Melbourne and goes into some detail on who the active business brokers are for car wash brokerage in Melbourne, buying online and where to find car wash businesses for sale online as well as some tips for site selection. The article is focused on Melbourne although some information may apply to other parts of Australia as well.

Car Services

Another area we cover is car services including home services which we will be writing more articles about over the coming months. One, in particular, we wrote about is the windscreen replacement laws and at the end covered mobile windscreen repairers. We also provided a news piece that showed the dangers to you and your passengers of using mobile windscreen repairers that cut corners to save time. You can read this article called “The low down on car windows. Tinting laws in Australia and mobile windscreen repairers”.

Other mobile car services for home or office that we covered are using mobile mechanics. Again, our article was primarily focused on Melbourne-based readers, but we look at choosing a mechanic and providing some referrals to mobile mechanics in Melbourne. There are many ways you can use mobile workers for a particular problem including roadside maintenance and preinspection of vehicles at an auction or sale venue. In some respects using a mobile mechanic are cost effective by coming to your home or workplace and you can save time and not muck around with dropping vehicles off at a mechanic’s shop. I have owned some Volvos, and we also looked at Volvo spare parts and specialised Volvo repair services in Melbourne. You can access many of the Volvo spare parts online these days and reduce the price you pay for parts. There are some Volvo enthusiasts around and car discussion forums if you want to locate mechanics or information on not just Volvos but other makes and models of vehicles. Sometimes as known by Volvo drivers there are mechanics out there in “mechanic land” who will charge a high price just because the vehicle is a European make and or have little experience working with Volvos.

Car Repairs

One service that we looked at that is a cost saver paintless dent removal or commonly referred as PDR. PDR is significantly cheaper to fix any panel damage than the traditional panel beating jobs. In fact, you can get paintless dent repairs done for under $250. There are even mobile paintless dent repairers who will come to your home and repair your vehicle. As the article mentioned, paintless dent removal is done when there is no surface paint damage, and there’s just an “impression” in the damaged vehicle panel that can be repaired.

Car Storage & Towing

Apart from car auctions, there are other aspects once you have purchased a vehicle, primarily a collector’s vehicle that is worth a lot of money and looked to buy and hold as a long term investment. It’s important that these vehicles are stored correctly to maintain the car from deteriorating, e.g., Seals and panels perishing and keep the vehicles value. There are storage services around that store vehicles even in pristinely clean environments with humidity control. Our article was targeting more the Melbourne classic car buyer and storage options for these vehicles. The other option is a home-based option for storing the vehicles in an enclosed surrounding, and we came up with a Queensland based product that could be bought online and posted. This product is called the Carcoon. More at the link above. Another article called Guide to parking, and car storage in Brisbane also looked at something similar for long-term storage of vehicles and not classic or collectors cars.  Call it run of the mill long term parking and finding cheap long term parking in Brisbane. One option that is becoming popular are car pods and also shipping containers on a monthly rate. There are shipping container options on Brisbane’s Southside and the Northside, and we revealed where to find these car storage companies in the above article. We also gave a table how much the parking was in Brisbane for such parking options as discussed.

Other services that readers will find important is towing of the vehicle. Many people need towing in the event of a breakdown, and there are 24-hour towing services around Melbourne. Our article was not related to accident towing, but we looked at the costs of towing a vehicle.

As a frequent flyer between Brisbane and Melbourne, I often use Avalon airport and at times need a car for a days hire. We covered in a topical article about car hire from Melbourne’s Avalon airport and looked at the cost of hiring a car from Avalon for the day I spent in Melbourne and getting from Avalon airport to the Melbourne CBD. There are other options for transport including Europcar, Avis and Hertz but also hire private companies. From memory at this stage, Uber hadn’t expanded out to the Avalon airport, but that may have changed now.

Another service that we spoke of is car donation services. Donating vehicles to charity in Australia seems to be in its infancy, unlike the USA that has an active car donation program as well as taxation structure for the donation of vehicles. There are largely just two charities in Australia with the main one being Kids Under Cover that is geared up to taking cars. KUC as its commonly referred has tied up with Manheim auctions whereby the car (usually a junk car) is towed away at no cost and sold at a Manheim auction and the proceeds directed to KUC. Our article will tell you how to donate your car to charity in Australia.

Car wrecking companies are also an equally important feature, and we will be reviewing some car wrecking companies for readers over the coming months. There are two car wreckers that we wrote about, and that’s for Mercedes-Benz wrecking and spares and also the Korean brand Hyundai wrecking and both are are for Melbourne readers.

Car Insurance is crucial to have, and our articles also feature car insurance related topics. In particular, a new trend called Telematics where car owners can have “black boxes” in their vehicles to monitor their driving. This will provide valuable feedback to car insurance companies and also affect the insured premiums; it may even reduce the car premiums. Telematics has been around for years in the UK and Europe and will rapidly gain popularity in Australia.

New Cars Information

If you are on a budget and looking for articles on new cars, then our article on lightweight cars in Australia under 15000 might interest you. Did you know there are some new car models still available for $15,000 at driveaway prices or slightly above that 15k mark. Another new car article that we featured is about electric vehicles in Australia and what are the models of electric vehicles currently being sold in Australia. At the moment, the number of electric autos for sale in Australia is a drop in the ocean compared to the number of petrol cars being sold, but as you look at the rising trend of electric vehicle sales, you will see that this market is rapidly gaining a foothold. One of the reasons is infrastructure and in the past people were put off by electric powered cars because of “range fear” i., e.,. Running out of battery power. Range fear is set to change as more and more electric vehicle charging stations are developing or planned. Take Tesla Motors Australia, who is constructing many charging stations to provide free charging facilities to their Tesla buyers.  Charging stations Tesla car owners the ability to drive from Melbourne to Brisbane in the future while pulling into a charging station for recharging the vehicle.

Road Rules And Compliance

One of our last areas to cover in this website is about road rules and compliance. We will cover a range of topics including drink driving and the issue of drink driving convictions in Victoria. The Victorian government has been getting tougher and tougher on drink drivers in recent years. There is a program called the Alcohol Interlock program that is a device that is fitted to the vehicle of the drunk driver and requires the person driving the car to blow regularly into the interlock device. Newer interlocks will have some camera system to take photographs. As mentioned above, we also cover the rules and regulations in respect of car window tinting and bicycle rack laws in Australia.

Our other articles are dealing with transferring unregistered vehicles in Victoria and also in Queensland (Victoria also gets a mention so check out also).

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