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In a series of articles is doing about car insurers in Australia, following on from DoDo Insurance this week we look at Coles Car Insurance.  Just to mention that is not associated with any of the car insurers mentioned here.

Who is Coles Car Insurance?

Coles Car Insurance is one of the products provided by Coles Financial Services, an offshoot of the well-known Coles Group that has become a household name in retail outlets and supermarkets throughout Australia since 1914 and now has more than 2,200 stores throughout the country. Under the umbrella of the Coles Group, which was bought by conglomerate Wesfarmers in 2008, Coles Financial Services has a focus to provide customers throughout Australia affordable financial products and services such as insurance and credit cards. According to the mission statement on their website, Coles Financial Services offers “quality car, home, landlord and life insurance at a great price, backed up with great customer service, hassle-free claims, and rewards during the life of your cover.”

The insurance services provided by Coles are backed by both WFI Insurance Limited and MetLife, with WFI specifically looking after vehicle and home insurance. Being backed by WFI, which has been providing expert insurance advice for over 160 years, gives Coles the flexibility and clout that it needs to operate as one of the major players in the Australian insurance industry.

Coles Car Insurance offers both third party and comprehensive insurance to its clients. The third party property damage insurance is the most basic kind, providing cover when the holder damages someone else’s car and/or property, and up to $3,000 worth of cover when the holder’s car is damaged by uninsured drivers. Coles’ third party property damage insurance also guarantees coverage for repairs for the lifetime of the vehicle. This type of insurance only covers damage from accidents/collisions and does not cover theft, weather damage, fire or anything else. With that said, Coles also offers third party insurance that includes includes fire and theft on top of the damage only cover.

For those Australians needing something more than the most basic coverage, Coles also offers full comprehensive insurance that covers pretty much everything. Buyers of Coles Car Insurance comprehensive insurance should be assured that whatever happens to themselves and their vehicles, they will be covered.

There are also options provided by Coles for their clients to reduce their premiums if they desire, the main one having the choice to only cover drivers aged 25 year or over on the premise that younger drivers have more accidents and so cost more to ensure. Other ways for customers to get their premiums down include picking their own policy and optioning out of the details that may not affect them and so not need.

Coles Car Insurance Reviews.

The website gives Coles an overall ranking of 6.4 out of 10, when ranked by customer experience, value for money, and claims experience. The guys from Compare Insurance take consumer reviews and collate them in order to provide an accurate gauge for would-be purchasers of car insurance to review. A 6.4 ranking is around average, meaning that plenty of people both like and dislike the service provided.

A typical bad review of Coles reads like this:

“Worst insurance cover I have ever had. Sure it is cheap and easy however good luck when something goes wrong. I have been waiting for ten days to find out if my car can be repaired or if it is a ride off. Are you kidding me. It is only a paint job. My car is worth $88k. Is that how much it will cost to paint that you are even investigating… When I call I get told tomorrow it will be sorted. 10 freaking days later…Nothing. Never again.”

A good review on the other hand typically reads like this:

“I have optional hire car included / optional windscreen included / and still my quote is $100 less than any other insurer!! Previous insurer matched item for item and excess $25 as well!!”

Coles is definitely more of a budget option, and the reviews reflect this. The typical buyer of Coles car insurance tends to value a low price over good customer service, meaning that the bad reviews tend to come from people frustrated with the service and the good ones come from people pleased with the price. That’s the rule of thumb with Coles, and the main thing to think about when deciding whether to buy their insurance or not.

Social Media “Grab Bag” Of Posts From Disgruntled Customers.

On social media there are also some mixed reviews.  Take the posts below which were posted on Twitter by Tristan Podger Twitter handle – @tristanpodger  in relation to his claim with Coles Car Insurance.  Following on from Tristan’s posts we also searched Facebook for publicly available posts and interestingly found a similar set of complaints.  

Both Twitter and Facebook snapshots are placed below.

coles car insurance customer complaints

coles car insurance claim by customer

Here are some more comments that were about Coles Insurance.

customer feedback for coles car insurance company

coles car insurance website and contact

We also had a look at Facebook to see what was publicly being said about this company and found similar responses to our Twitter research – quite a number of complaints to do with Coles Car Insurance with particular references to:

  • Delays in communication;
  • Clauses within the policies;
  • Long delays in dealing with the claims matter.

customer complaints about Coles Car Insurance

car insurance reviews

under 25 driver excess with insurance

customer complaints Coles car insurance

customer complaints vehicle insurance company

Source – Facebook search.

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