From Auction To Storage Of Melbourne Classic Cars.

This article has a Melbourne focus and I will keep adding to this section over time in respect of classic and collector cars and Storage of these vehicles.

The Melbourne classic cars market has been running hot and demand has been soaring for classic cars and there have been records at these auctions. This article is something of a preliminary look at the Classic cars scene largely in Melbourne. I am looking to attend an upcoming Shannon’s classic car auction when I am next in Melbourne followed up by an “auction field report” to report to readers.

Shannon Car Auctions: The leading classic car auction company is Shannons car auctions based in Melbourne. They put through a lot of vehicles in their rooms in Melbourne and Sydney but they have offices in West End in Brisbane, Burswood in WA, Northern Territory, South Australian and Tasmanian offices. Shannons also allow online bidding which you can register for on their website. Personally, I have never used the online bidding process to buy and sell cars. Other ways are by phone and absentee bidding and of course the traditional in person bidding. A good way to keep in the loop for what the auctions are that are coming up are to register with the Shannons e-newsletter on their website.

Here is a sample of classic cars that were auctioned through Shannons. Shannons openly display the sale prices of vehicles and you can get an idea of both selling prices and the type of vehicles that Shannons auction. There have been some, what could be described as “amazing” prices for VW kombi vans like the one pictured below and a Samba going for $220,000 in Melbourne and even a dilapidated “barn find” kombi that had sat in a field for 15 years selling for $30,000 through Shannons.

Other companies that host classic car auctions in Melbourne include:

Theodore Bruce  This company has offices in Alexandria and Brompton in South Australia although they have held classic car auctions in Melbourne. You can register for a newsletter to keep in the loop for upcoming auctions on their website.

The rising market for classic cars has been long talked about. Even back in 2013 there were numerous reports in the papers (Sydney Morning Herald). Back in 2013 Reuters had issued a claim that in the UK classic cars had risen in value by their highest level at 28 percent return for the year to June 2013 overtaking returns on gold, fine art and luxury property.

In Australia there have been good returns on blue-chip Australian muscle cars but the 2007-8 period saw greater growth in muscle car prices the Sydney Morning Herald article said. “Back in 2007/8 Ford Falcon GTHO Phase Threes were selling for more than $600,000. They are now stuggling to sell for half that amount” the paper is quoted as saying.

Melbourne’s RACV Motorclassica Car Show.

Each year there is a show at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. Generally around October the Melbourne Motorclassica is held and the 2015 show will be held on 23-25 October. Motorclassica is in its sixth event this year and it is expected that over 500 vehicles will be on display. The vehicles will include rare and exotic, historic, vintage veteran and collectible cars as well as motorcycles. Ticket prices are $30 for adults, $20 for children, $80 for families (2 adults and 2 children 5015 yo) and VIP passes for three days including entry to the VIP opening evening costs $250.

Melbourne – Specialised Storage For Collector Cars.

For those that are serious about collecting cars, the vehicles need to be stored properly. Why would you spend a lot of money to buy a car and then send it home to sit in a dusty garage. No way. Serious collectors use specialised storage facilities with even humidity control to avoid perishing the leathers and paint work as well as moving the vehicle regularly to make sure all the bearings are working properly. The vehicle may be turned over regularly and even raised to take the pressure off the tyres. Theres quite an art in storing the vehicle to ensure the value of the vehicle is maintained. The costs of the storage get higher depending on the degree of storage as the costs of running electricity to humidifiers, security CCTV to 24/7/365 onsite guards etc has to be factored into the costs. If you are concerned about your investment don’t just accept any storage companies word that they can store your vehicle.

Some of the professionally setup vehicle storage options in Melbourne for classic car (and motorcycle) buyers / investors include:

Chequered Flag Stables – This company is based in Mordialloc not far from Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne. Chequered Flag store both wine, motor bikes and cars in a secure environment. There is onsite management as well as CCTV seucrity system. Storage available is designed to protect the vehicle including sealed plastic enclosure with constant flow of filtered fresh air passing to reduce condensation, dust. There is also a “rolling road” that runs the vehicle for a set session each week. This helps in keeping seals of the vehicle pliable and other factors to do with engine and battery. A report is provided after each rolling road session. There is complete privacay and prohibiting access to the storage area especially of visitors.

Another storage company based in Melbourne is called “The Vault” or VIP Automotive Solutions. The storage facility is located in Pascoe Vale South and this company also has offices in Sydney and Brisbane also. The company offers both short and long term car storage options but looking through the website Chequered Flag seemed a better option to me on the services on offer. Car owner supplies the battery charger or car cover if required.

Are you more comfortable storing your vehicle at your home?

I came across the Carcoon system while digging around to write this article. These guys are based in Arundal in Queensland. They also have bike bubbles for motor cycles. The prices of these Carcoons are around $990 to $1,500 bucks and compared with onsite storage at a facility these are quite a cost effective solution if you have a number of vehicles in your collection. Basically you drive the car into the Carcoon and it has a 12V unit that provides a stabalised airflow around the vehicle. These protective enclosures can be posted via Australia post as well as the website quotes for around $45.00.

plastic bubble car storage

picture source: – Plastic bubble that you drive your vehicle into called a Carcoon.

picture source:

picture source:

Buying Collectors Cars Online.

There are some sites online that focus specifically on unique and collectors vehicles. is one site that even offers military vehicles for sale. You might even find some cars digging around on the more popular sites like carpoint or carsales.

There might even be a bargain or two on Gumtree where private sellers can post free ads for their vehicles. When I checked there were both parts and cars for sale for old vehicles. Most serious players however go to the auctions run by the major auto auction houses such as Shannons in Melbourne.  Remember as well, some of the major auction houses offer reasonably good on-line bidding facilities and absentee bidding.

Shannons openly post on their website the sales that have completed.

1927 Dodge Tourer

picture source:

VW Kombi Samba Bus sold at auction for AUD$202,000.

picture source: Example of a 1960 Volkswagen Kombi ‘Samba Bus’ that was sold through Shannons and listed amongst sales on their website.

Holden V8 Sedan 1972 HQ SS

picture source: This yellow Holden HQ SS V8 was listed on the Shannons website and sold for $38,000 in the Shannon 2015 classic car auction.

I will update this article as soon as I can file an auction field report.  If you have any information that could be added here I’d love to hear from you.  Simply drop me a line through the contact us page.


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