Category: New Cars

This section we will look at new cars and various models and price ranges on offer in the Australian market.  Find best recommendations in various prices including best car for 15,000 buyers, 20,000, 30,000 or even budgets up to 70,000 dollars and above.  There are new car models constantly being released in Australia and we deal with the traditional models eg. Ford and Holden but also Korean, European, luxury cars for sale and Japanese vehicles.

The Best SUV In Australia, Whats Your Pick?

I’ve posted some articles summarising the recent round of testing done by website Australia’s Best Cars or ABC for short.  You can get their web address and information on our other posts.  The company did exhaustive testing in a lot of categories of vehicles from small, medium, SUV …

Australia’s Best Light Car For $20,000.

What is Australia’s Best Light Car for $20,000? We have mentioned several vehicles in different class brackets as being winners of different categories.  The results are a comprehensive testing and review program by website Australia’s Best Cars – you can find their website through another article on our …
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