Category: Car Services

This section deals with car services. Its an Australia wide focus on mobile and home related services to outbound servicing such as mechanical repairs, spare parts, car insurance and other services for drivers. Some articles also feature on ways to save money including the use of Paint less Dent Repairs.

7 Ways Window Tinting Enhances Your Car

Window Tinting Helps You In More Ways Than You May Be Aware Of… Picture this – you’re driving your car and are in a great mood. After a while the sun rays start burning into your skin, making you uncomfortable. As you keep driving you to …

Should A Car’s Windscreen Be Replaced Or Repaired?

When something damages auto glass, a person may be quick to head to a mechanic for car windscreen replacement. However, this procedure can be quite costly. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible to fill small chips or cracks. Since a car’s glass is important for …

Car Removal Services In Dandenong, Melbourne.

Last week I visited some friends in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong, so this week’s article keeping the theme of motor vehicles is on the topic of getting rid of your old car (ideally for cash) in Dandenong.  The question faced for someone with an old …

Getting A Car Removed On The Gold Coast.

“I am from the Gold Coast and have a vehicle in my garage that is no longer registerable and going.  Can you recommend a wrecking or scrap dealer company from the Gold Coast area that pays cash for old cars” – Reader email from Broadbeach, Gold …

Have You Checked Cooper Tyres For Prices?

Choosing replacement tyres for your vehicle can get a little complicated. If you haven’t looked into it before, it can almost feel like learning a new language. It’s an important decision, however, and the difference between a good and bad choice can affect both your wallet …

Car Hire Options From Adelaide Airport.

You have successfully booked your trip to Adelaide, South Australia.  Bags are packed, and you have journeyed to arrive at Adelaide Airport.  Now, what?  You could take advantage of the cities public transport from Adelaide airport, or you could hire a private vehicle from the airport …

Car Parking At Brisbane’s Myer Centre Carpark.

Brisbane’s CBD is a great place to visit when you have time. There’s lots of shopping, and good restaurants, and getting there is easy. But then after you arrive, you have found a place to park that’s not going to cost more than the rest of …

Financing A Mercedes Benz.

We’re living in an era where luxury is becoming common and you can really see it in the cars people are driving. These days, there’s no reason not to with finances rates making luxury cars affordable to a much wide range of individuals. The market has …

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