Car Parking Options At Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport.

There are a lot of Melbourne Airport car parking deals around but you’ll have to organise medium and long term parking before you leave for the airport to get these discounts.  Pretty much the deals are only available online through coupon codes or shop a docket deals.  This week I even had a coupon code in a coupons booklet that was dropped in the letter box.  Ace car parking at Melbourne Airport was offering a 1-day free parking deal stating that there were no catches and no minimum stay requirements – See mention below.

So you’re looking for car parking at Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport or any other airport car parking deals around Australia for that matter and want to find out what options are available.  Firstly, you can search online using the links above or check out the information I have written below.

Here’s a list of car parking/management companies that are operating car parks at Melbourne airport.

If you look online there are many sites that have car parking calculators built into them to give you an idea of costs. I have placement some costs for parking at Melbourne airport which are just reading a guide at the end of this article. Did you know that there are so many car spaces at Melbourne airport now that it could be classified as a suburb. Sadly, there appears to have been little planning in the development Melbourne airport in terms of provision of rail transport to Tullamarine airport from the Melbourne CBD. Without rail makes it very dependent on vehicle transfer services, taxis, private vehicles going to and from the freeway and parking at Melbourne airport itself. There has been a lot of talk about building a train to the airport but from what I can gather it still many years away if that were the case.

This is a list below – of car parking companies at Melbourne airport which can be divided into outdoor parking alone, indoor/undercover or combination of both.

Jet port security parking – undercover/valet. This company offers both undercover and outdoor car parking at Melbourne airport 24-hour security on site and cameras. They also run a shuttle bus service from the jet port car parking area to the airport and back. This company is located at 70 – 90 Garden Drive, Tullamarine.
Jetport also provides an outdoor parking/valet service.

Andrews airport car parking (undercover and valet) – and risk claim to be Australia’s large off-airport car parking group and said to offer over 2000 vehicle spaces in Melbourne alone for airport travellers. There are both covered and noncovered parking options available 24-hour monitoring of customs cars. Said to be only a short distance from the airport they offer a shuttle service and are situated at 247 Mikelham Road, Tullamarine. In addition to the undercover car parking on offer they also offer outdoor car parking. Remember that your vehicle could be exposed to hail, the elements, dust etc including vehicles moving around the car park so be aware of this if you are going away for extended periods of time despite the cost being cheaper for outdoor non-undercover space generally.

Just be careful of open space parking with leaving a vehicle is in the hands of valet staff. Not only are vehicles moved constantly in some services, they may be exposed to the elements as I had a good friend park and outdoor parking area in Brisbane with this company and return to find damage on their vehicle for which they denied doing.

busy beaver carparking voucher melbourne airport-w800-h600

Print discount voucher at

Busy Beaver airport parking – offering both undercover and valet service in a purpose-built car parking garage. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and fully staffed 24 – seven. There is CCTV as well as security with spotlights in motion sensor entrance gate and operating overnight. Getting to the terminal is a Bus ride of approximately six minutes by shuttle which is provided by busy Beaver airport car parking. The company is situated at 16 Tullamarine Park Road, Tullamarine. The company offers outdoor car parking as well at their headquarters which is 16 Tullamarine Park Road, Tullamarine.

A 1 airport parking (outdoor) valet – offering a courtesy bus to and from Tullamarine – Melbourne airport and open 24 hours a day, seven days per week and is located at 133 Western Avenue, Tullamarine which is approximately 4 to 5 minutes travelling time each way

A1 airport parking/shade cloth – valet: this service includes luggage assistance and drop and pick ups, 24 seven opening hours and courtesy bus to and from the site to airport and back. Situated at the above address previously mentioned for a1 airport parking.

For more information: print at

Domestic and international airport parking coupon – Available at 2/11/15 – For more information, you will need to print the coupon at as well is view the terms and conditions of the offer.

Ace airport car parking (no courtesy link provided) – you might want to look at the article we wrote on ace car parking on their system of fining or issuing notices for breach of contract to drivers who are parking by as little as a few minutes over their allotted time and clogging up (just google it) the Melbourne court system chasing people for unpaid fines. This car parking facility offers CCTV will as well as transfer buses will and is located in Tullamarine. 24 – seven security.  This week I spotted a coupon parking code deal for ACE which was valid to 31 October 2016.  Try 1-day free parking – said to have “no catches, no minimum stay” when booking online – CODE LTJ16.  Another coupon code with an expiry of the same date of 31 October 2016 was an offer for two days free parking on a minimum 5 days stay.  Coupon code for online booking is LTE26.  I am not providing a link to the company website as mentioned above.

MOTORISTS parking at Melbourne Airport face another shake-up in car parking fees. Visitors leaving cars at the short-term and undercover long-term park from two hours to 24 hours will be stung an extra $1 from Monday. The two-hour fee increases to $29. Ten hours to a day will cost $57.Jul 4, 2014 – Herald Sun

Cost of parking at Melbournes Tullamarine airport

Melbourne airport parking coupon – Available at 2/11/15 – For more information, you will need to print the coupon at as well is view the terms and conditions of the offer.

The costs of parking at Melbourne airport are on the Melbourne airport website. This is just a rough guide and varies from private operator to private operator as the parking costs quoted would most likely as with other airports be higher in price given that it is situated on the airport itself unlike the other companies above which have off location facilities and transport people to and from the airport.

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