Ugghh This Car Cleaning Product Failed Me.

Car cleaning products review.

Well, what can I say but a bit of an annoying week and to top it all off I descided to clean the car.  Went to Autobarn and was recommended a supposedly good brand of car cleaning product of which was purchased a wash, waxing, blackening for the plastics and mouldings and something for cleaning the alloys on the wheels.  I had never tried this product before actually and well, always keep an open mind.

The product is Auto Glym and not cheap by comparison with other products on the market for car cleaning.


Auto Glym product for cleaning exterior black areas plastics etc trims around the vehicle.

The product is supposedly top line and made in England and even has a “by appoinment for her majesty” sticker on it.

The product was applied as instructed and look at the outcome below.  The areas where I applied the product had some white marks which I haven’t been able to remove.  This is not a blackening product like tyre black etc but this is most annoying.

I bought the whole range of cleaning products – from the wash to wax to plastic coating finishes etc so I seriously don’t know what has happened to cause those white marks on the bumpers and plastic trims. 



As you can see I now have some smudgy white marks around the plastic area. Photo –


Picture of smudging on bumper which is consistant around the vehicle. Photo –


Another view of the bumper which has white mark as shown. Photo –

I would love to hear your experience with different car cleaning products on the market, the products that are both good and the bad like I had that may have left streaks and stains on your motor car afterwards.


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