Vehicle Auctions in Perth, The Who’s Who Of Car Auctions.

This article relates to car auctions in Western Australia but the laws and regulations may change at any time as well as the auction companies themselves may cease to operate or change their terms of business. I have linked information where possible but you will have to investigate further as to the currency of the information provided.

We also give a list of companies and contacts that conduct car auctions in Perth.

There are two ways to buy a vehicle through a Perth Auction house and that is to negotiate with the auction company to have a contract to purchase the car or buy the vehicle (motorbike, car, commercial vehicle or what may be the case auctioned) at the ‘fall of the hammer’.

Some auction companies will allow test drive but in the event the auction house will not enable you to have a test drive, you should make a thorough inspection of the car. Auctioneers have to have a dealers licence if they are in the business of regularly selling vehicles and also check whether the vehicles have or do not have a warranty.

Secondhand vehicles in Western Australia that are not covered under statutory warranty when bought from a dealer include commercial vehicles, utes, trucks, caravans, off road motorcycles, multi-wheeled (3, four wheels) motorcycles and buses (with passenger capacity exceeding nine passengers).

For readers in Melbourne, you might want to check out our article here on police car auctions for cheapies. If you are in Adelaide, you ought to check this mention on police car auctions.

Consumer Protection For Vehicle Buyers In Western Australia.

The Department of Commerce in Western Australia has a tonne of information generally for car buyers, even motorbikes and boats on their website. There are resources related to buyinga vehicle, car trade­ins, car sales contracts and cooling off periods.  Also covered are car yards, buying from private car sellers, buying vehicles online, automobile auctions, vehicle inspections and car warranties, new car warranties and services, used car warranties in Western Australia, cars that are not covered and more. The site also has information areas on Servicing and Repairs and selling a vehicle.

If you have a consumer protection issue, you can call the Department of Commerce on 1300 304 054 but all their information and the topics listed above are available on their website.

Buying a car at auction can be a trap and a lot of the cars are sold “as is” – as this discussion forum was discussing the same problems

There are statutory warranties for vehicle buyers and these lessen as the car gets higher in mileage and age. You can read about your statutory rights as a used vehicle buyer on the Western Australian Department of Commerce website. Would I be right to say the auction is just a method of sale like any other method to sell a vehicle and you are still buying a car from a licenced dealer and. Therefore, auction houses would have you believe the cars are sold “as is” and you have no recourse? They declare the various problems in a condition report of the vehicle amongst other declarations at the time of the auction.

Buying Hail Damaged Vehicles from Perth Car Auctions.

We have discussed hail damaged vehicle auctions in other states and the problems with buying hail or storm-damaged vehicles. Sometimes these type of auctions is called “salvage auctions” and some auctions may represent a bargain to buyers looking for pickup late model vehicles with minor repairs requirements for greatly reduced prices off listing price. Both Manheim and Pickles in Brisbane are famous for their “salvage vehicle auction car auctions“.

Some of these vehicles can give you problems especially getting them insured as the above article mentioned.

This section of the Department of Commerce website will provide you with all there is to know about purchasing hail damaged vehicles at auction including the Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) vehicle examination fees like Temporary movement permits. Remember there are some vehicles that you may buy at damaged vehicle auctions that cannot even have an interim vehicle permit, especially the type that has an impact or collision damage (not just hail, e.g., From falling trees onto the car). This section also may be worth reading about written off vehicles.

When buying hail damaged vehicles the Department of Transport in WA has categorised three different areas, i.e., Category 1 – pre-inspected vehicles with minor hail damage, Category 2 – Minor hail damaged vehicles – glass, mirror, lights, etc. and Category 3 – Vehicles with storm, impact or collision and other damage. The Department of Transport website goes a little more into these categories.

Tips for buying a vehicle at a Perth Car Auction

  • Decide on the type of vehicle that suits your needs beforehand, e.g., 4 or 6 cylinder car, whether it be a station waggon or sedan or if you want an automatic or manual car.
  • Determine affordability first. How much you can afford to pay and factor in the costs of running the vehicle from insuring it, petrol, to servicing costs and registration fees with the WA transport office.
  • Set a price limit that you will bid on.
  • Check other vehicles similar being advertised so you can get an idea of pricing.
  • Consider the costs of spare parts – this is particular so for imported and older vehicles and getting repairs done.
  • If you aren’t mechanically, minded get a mobile mechanic to check out the car.
  • Check as much as you can in respect of condition, e.g., Seat belts, headlights, brake lights, etc.
  • Check for rusting to the body and identify visible stains or bubbling of paintwork and rusting areas.
  • Know the buyers costs beforehand that will be charged by the auction house. These include a buyer’s premium and must be factored into the expense of the vehicle.

Government Vehicle Auctions Perth

The government vehicle auctions in Perth tend to be done through Pickles Auctions. Pickles on their website state “Pickles Auctions is an official auctioneer for the Western Australian Government in Perth”. At the time of writing, Pickles had on their website over 50 government vehicles being auctioned at their Perth auction rooms. Inspections could be undertaken at their Balcatta premises. Pickles also has real-time bidding online with more details on their website. You can get the listings for the government vehicles being auctioned on the Pickles website. For more information you can also call Pickles on 089441 7000.

Pickles also deal with repossessed car auctions and at the time of writing there was a “general, fleet and repossessed” vehicle auction also underway in their Perth showrooms with quite some listings including not only cars but commercial utes for auction.

Police Car Auctions Perth

All the West Australian related Police auctions have been outsourced to Ross’s Auctioneers and Valuers

Police car auctions Perth

Screen shot of Ross’s actions Perth Website and a vehicle being sold under instructions by WA Police. Source:

(contact details below). You can read more about Police Car Auctions in another post we did on this website. Buying vehicles at a Perth Police car auction are for a serious punter (there probably would be a whole heap of other things included for auction possibly as they have interstate, e.g., Unclaimed TVs, household gear and smaller items). As the article we did on Australian police car auctions showed in a video, you can get stolen cars that have been trashed and damaged to a point they may be unsafe, the body of the vehicle may have issues that make the vehicle unsafe to drive and more. Definitely, something you don’t want to be giving to your 18-year-old daughter as a first car. It appears Manheim at their Perth International Airport premises may do police related auction work on Thursdays but you might have to check them out on this here.

Perth Car auction companies and contact details.

There are some vehicle auction companies in Perth.

We have identified and focused on, for this website the vehicle auction companies that deal mainly with vehicles (including motorcycles, utes and commercial vehicles, buses and larger machinery vehicles including trucks).

Pickles Car Auctions Perth. Pickles Auctions are a national auction company and deal with a large number of vehicles around the country each week. You can bid online for vehicles for auction in their other offices in Melbourne, Sydney, etc. The company was established in Perth in 2001. They have three auction facilities, i.e.,. Balcatta, Welshpool and Forrestfield. They work for a range of private and government institutions to get cars for auction. Pickles Auctions include ex-government, Repossessed and end of lease vehicles for auction as well as prestige and light commercial vehicles, SUV’s and 4×4 vehicle auctions. Pickles, as similar to its Brisbane salvage auctions do Perth salvage auctions. Salvage auctions include largely the hail storm damaged vehicles. The premises at Forrestfield deals with Trucks, machinery and earth moving equipment.

Manheim Perth Vehicle Auctions. Manheim is another large auction house with not only a national presence in other capital cities but also have a Perth operation. They only have a single location in Perth and that’s about 15 minutes from the Perth CBD at 62 Grogan Road, Perth International Airport. The premises boasts four auction lanes as well as a cafe and open to all visitors. Types of Auctions Manheim hold include general passenger and commercial vehicles on a buy now basis, Passenger and commercial vehicles for auction basis. Manheim handles a range of vehicles including trucks and machinery, salvage auctions, motorbikes. Phone: +61 8 9267 8888

Ross’s Auctioneers & Valuers – Long established Perth based auction company since 1983 Ross’s do a range of auctions from vehicles to general goods like notebooks, office furniture, TVs, etc. The company’s head office is in Welshpool but they have offices in Kalgoorlie and Karratha. Ross’s handle WA police auctions and at the time of writing had some interesting Police related vehicles including on behalf of WA police a 1974 Holden HQ Monaro, a 1968 Holden Premier Sedan and a Ford Lincoln Continental Sedan. Also, under the “WA Police” bin were motorcycles, jetski’s, cars and RC Quad drones for sale.

Beevis and Co Auctioneers – You might see mentions around of these guys but appears they have gone out of business.

Gregsons Auctioneers and Valuers – largely doing bigger stuff and machinery items and truck
auctions. The company is based in Shenton Park in WA.

Smith Broughton – Industrial Auctioneers These guys present a range of flexible purchase options

including traditional consignment sale, outright purchase and auctions. They don’t do vehicles but auction mainly Industrial equipment as in backhoes, graders, excavators and heavy earth moving equipment and truck auctions. The company is based in Midland in WA.

Aberdeen Auto Auctions – Aberdeen auto auctions do a weekly auction every Wednesday at 6.30pm. They are based at 527 Newcastle Street in Perth. Phone 08 9328 6277. This company doesn’t have the same volume of vehicles being auctioned as Pickles or Manheims. At the time, they did have some reasonable stock including European cars for auction plus some Holdens and KIA’s. Aberdeen is not very well reviewed online – Google reviews, for example, have been negative.

Here’re some example reviews (below) from people in Aberdeen that are online for public display:


6 months ago

Bought a 4×4 from these crooks, off the floor and not at auction, took it to be serviced. Oil leeks, breaks not roadworthy, 4wd inoperable, air-con faulty, wheel bearings not roadworthy, rusted chassis just to name a few issues, approx $4000 worth of work needed. Before buying, the salesman assured me it had been up on the lift and looked over by their mechanics and had no issues, But when i returned to the yard the owner said they don’t check the cars as they were selling on behalf of the owner and i would have to take it up with the salesman, who, of course lied and said he had never said that. To top it off the last thing the owner of the yard said to me with a smirk was ‘what did you expect for $5000’ DO NOT trust these scum bags!!!Issue is currently with the WA commerce office

Jack Jones

7 months ago
Said they were negotiable on price, I ended up offering 100 less than asking and he starts calling me a joker and gets his buddy over to gang up on me. I probably would have paid it if he hadn’t started acting like a jackass.

Kate Urquhart

2 years ago
Worst experience, most unprofessional people I have ever come across. All the horror stories I had heard about women being treated like morons when buying a car was proved true by the guys and even the women on reception there. Justin who i was dealing with to buy my car was completely arrogant, difficult to communicate with in reference to warranty work on the car, and tarnished what should have been an exciting purchase of a used car for me. I would NEVER recommend them to anybody.

Gwynn Dambly

2 years ago
Well I’m not sure what happened with the review below as my experience was the complete opposite. I found the entire staff professional, helpful, courteous and quite friendly. I would and do recommend them highly to family, friends and acquaintances.


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