Auto Auction Companies That We Have Mentioned.

This is a developing list of largely motor vehicle auction companies in Australia and also brokers who have for sale used trucks, smaller trucks, four wheel drives, machinery and trailers for sale.

The list below is for the companies that we have mentioned in articles throughout this website.

These items are largely the focus of this blog although we may mention from time to time also boats, planes and other smaller items eg. machinery and timber auctions.  Our articles feature Australia wide news on motor vehicles (largely used and secondhand sales than new car news) and these are for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane mainly with some features on Perth and South Australia.

Who are the main players in the motor vehicle auction market?

These companies have been mentioned in our website (developing list) as there are many, many auction houses in Australia we can start with the list here of mentions:

Ross’s Auctions –  This is a Perth based auto auction company that we wrote about.  You can find Ross’s doing a range of things but in particular our article that we wrote for this website focused on the Police car auctions that Ross’s do.

Shannons Auctions – Shannons is for the articles mentioned on carsaust is based in Melbourne and we ran a number of articles in the classic car auctions market for which Shannons specialise in.  Shannons have sold some big ticket item vintage vehicles and old muscle cars.  If your a keen collector of vintage and classic cars and classic sports cars then Shannons is worth keeping an eye on.
Pickles AuctionsPickles Auctions are a national company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane and other parts of Australia.  Our articles featured a number of mentions of Pickles Auctions.  The company processes a lot of vehicles and also has hail damaged, storm damaged flooded vehicles and damaged car auctions which are popular with panel beaters and people in the know how to fix the panel damage of these vehicles and get them back on the road.  Large numbers of vehicles being sold makes this company worth following.
Manheim Auctions – Manheim auctions are another large vehicle auction house with regular auctions around Australia.  They have offices in cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth to name some.  Manheim do a range of vehicles from cars, four wheel drives, ex lease, ex government and damaged vehicle auctions.  Sells a large volume of vehicles.
Auction Blue – An online website we mentioned that has damaged and seized vehicles for sale in Adelaide.  There were a number of other things being sold by Auction Blue which were collectibles.  Quite a good site worth checking out from time to time to pickup that auction bargain.  Located in Adelaide, South Australia.
Slattery Auctions – Slattery auctions is a regular mention in this website.  We recently wrote an article about the upcoming February auctions for Slattery auctions in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.  The range of vehicles being offered is diverse from stock standard vehicles, a boat, small and large trucks for sale, buses, farm machinery right down to surplus timber and tools and weighing scales including commercial weighing machines, forklifts, mini excavators, trailers and tractors.
Grays Online – Grays are an online website selling a mixed bag of things.  Vehicles included.  Be careful to read the reviews about Greys on google reviews.

Southside Auctions – This is a Brisbane based company located on Brisbane’s Southside.

We will update this list further as new articles come onboard.

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