What Is Australia’s Best Small Car For Around $35,000?

If you have a budget of around $35,000 and in the automotive market looking new car, then this article will give you a couple of options. Last week we posted a piece for $50k buyers here.

The vehicles mentioned below were part of a recently released series of new vehicle awards for 2016, by Australia’s best cars (ABC). This week features a couple of models judged recently by ABC – It’s worth going over to their website to see more options from the recent testing.

Two Australian Small cars – Australia’s Best Cars website.

Australia’s Best Cars awards 2015 – 2016 has a system of assigning automobiles into categories that suit every vehicle buyers needs.
If you are in the market for a car priced around $35,000, then you will find the following two models from ABC that stood out.

Best Small Car in Australia for under $35K

The overall winner and with a head start is the Hyundai i30 Active and is well priced for the money. There may be some readers that love Korean made cars and like me; I have tended to shy clear of a vehicle with a Korean badge for build, quality and safety reasons. Possibly showing my age from the days of the first Elantra’s and similar cars and the nightmare has stuck ever since. There may be some owners out there who say the Hyundai i30 is worth every cent spent when it comes to repair and cheap running costs. The bonus is the dealer coverage and warranty making this a worthwhile deal. For a small family, the i30 offers you spacious cabin with a relatively uncluttered dash. For luxury, you have a five-inch touch screen control available on the entertainment system without the need for switching around on some switches.
The rearview camera is standard across the range. What makes this small car so unique is the 1.8L direct injection petrol engine with reasonable mid-range pulling power. Even with this engine, it stills achieves an excellent environmental performance.

The Hyundai i30 does run as quiet as a mouse but makes up for it with its fuel consumption.

The i30 has some great features that stand out:
Three push-button steering tune settings with the normal mode loved by most drivers,
Five door hatch,
Has 6 speed auto function, and
1.8L petrol engine
There is ample room for driving with comfortable seating position and head space.
The price of the i30 model is – $26,582 driveaway
Related vehicles in this class are the Mazda3 5 door auto for around $27,707 and Ford Focus also in a five-door auto for $27,808.

Best Small Car in Australia for over $35K

Edging ahead of the pack with mid-cycle upgrade is the BMW 1 Series being the 118i Sports Line. For those with a higher amount to spend than $35,000, you receive a lot more comfort and luxury in that price bracket than the i30. The 1 Series 118i has a skilfully balanced driveline configuration with a front-mounted wheel drive, and a rear-wheel-drive set-up. Vehicle features include:

A subtle interior refinement,
Rear-view camera,
ConnectedDrive with real-time traffic information, and
Rain-sensing wipers

bmw 1 series 2016 white

Photo credit – BMW Australia

Furthermore, at extra cost, you can have additional factory optional extras. The interiors cockpit-styled but limited with space, but still cosy while the seats comfortable and supportive when driving. The cars powered by a 1.6L, 4cyl turbocharged petrol engine producing an acceptable 100kW’s of power, while the 220Nm of torque, developed from the 1500rpm to 4500rpm, offers you plenty of flexibility and reasonably good performance.
It has an 8spd automatic transmission. The BMW 118i-5dr hatch offers the small car buyer a well-rounded and high-quality package for everyday use.

The driveaway price is $42,280 for the five-door auto model and similar vehicles at this price and the class range is a Volvo V40 T4 (5 doors, auto) at $50,826 and BMW 218i at $50,330, both at driveaway prices from the dealers.

Final Word
If you are looking for the best small car in Australia for $35,000, the two brands presented above were the two standouts in the ABS testing. Trials were undertaken from a range of decisive factors including fuel consumption, style, luxury, safety, and ease of driving available in two different price ranges.

Photo credit for featured image – BMW Australia.


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