Should A Car’s Windscreen Be Replaced Or Repaired?

windscreen repair and replacement
When something damages auto glass, a person may be quick to head to a mechanic for car windscreen replacement. However, this procedure can be quite costly.

Under certain circumstances, it may be possible to fill small chips or cracks. Since a car’s glass is important for its structure and safety, it is always best to seek professional advice before attempting DIY treatments.

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Here are five important questions that may help explain when glass can be repaired or when replacement is necessary.

Windscreen repair vs windscreen replacement

Why must I fix minor windscreen damage? What damage requires replacement?
Auto glass commonly becomes damaged as dirt and rocks fly off the road and bounce off the windscreen. Small chips and cracks are left behind.

Many people ignore the simple damage, but it is important to have these things examined as soon as possible.

Small damage may:

·      Weaken the glass and cause the roof to cave in on impact

·      Cause an obstructed view of the road, which can lead to an accident

·      Collect dirt that makes damage harder to fix

When a car’s glass can be fixed, it is essential to have the work done quickly so that further damage does not occur.

When chips get worse, they may be expensive to repair and lead to the need for total replacement. Early chip treatments may save you a great deal of money.

Usually, when damage is only affecting a small area of auto glass, car windscreen repair is possible.


Most professionals explain when a chip or crack is smaller than a coin; it likely can be fixed without hassle.


If there is more than one crack, or it runs through a majority of the car’s glass, total replacement may be necessary.


 [cmamad id=”2528″ align=”center” tabid=”2529″ mobid=”2553″ stg=””] How does the damage look?

types of windscreen chips on car windscreens

The shape of the damage may affect how it is treated. When the window has a small and circular area filled with cracks or missing glass, it can be simply fixed.

It is easy to use clear resin to fill the area. When everything sets, the car can be as good as new.

Unfortunately, if a crack runs the entire length of the glass, repairs may not be possible. The same applies to an area that is missing a large chunk of glass as well.

Is the damage very deep?
average cost of windscreen replacement and repair

Auto glass is typically made of three layers. Two of these layers are bonded to a centre layer, which prevents shattering on impact.

This safety glass keeps everything together so that when chips are present, glass will not fly into shards that can cause injuries.

When damage is only on the outer layer of auto glass, repairs may be performed. However, when damage penetrates to the second or inner layer, it most likely will not be able to be fixed, and replacement will be required.

 How old is the damage?

fixing your windscreen chips on motor vehicle

In most cases, tiny dings that result from road driving can be fixed, especially when they are addressed without haste.

However, when damage goes ignored, it will collect dirt, which makes it difficult to fix. Often, old damage tends to become cloudy or make unsightly marks on the glass that are impossible to remove.

Where is the damage located?

There are certain parts of the front window where fixes are difficult to perform. For instance, if a chip is located near an auto antenna or heating unit, patches will not be easy.

Also, if a crack runs into the edge of the window, it may compromise its seal, which makes repairs impossible. This means car windscreen replacement is required.

Luckily, if a small chip or crack occurs in the centre of the auto glass, fixes may be performed quickly and effectively.

Are You Still Considering Windscreen Repairs?

Since old damage is difficult to repair, it is essential to seek assistance immediately after it is discovered. Many times, car insurance companies cover the price of the service.

However, when total replacement is necessary, you may be forced to pay part of the bill. Fixes are usually completed in under one hour, so even the busiest people have no excuses. For added convenience, many businesses offer mobile services as well.

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