Welcome To The Booming Market Of Backpacker Campervan Hire.

There has been a growing market for some years and it certainly isn’t slowing with the British Pound at high levels against the Australian dollar as well as the US Dollar the popularity of backpacker vehicle rentals will remain. This weeks article deviates a little from general cars and auto auctions and looks at backpacker campervans. We also have a brief mention of Wicked campers in Perth, WA.

Some people may want to do “that trip” around Australia and not necessarily be backpackers from overseas. Backpacker campers offer a more cost effective means of grabbing a vehicle and hitting the road and doing a road trip much cheaper than what you would pay with the bigger motor home rental companies.

Many people know the Wicked campers brand in Australia. Wicked campers Australia have been around many years and there are outlets in most capital cities of Melbourne, Sydney and in Perth.

The concept of the company is very simple. Get an old van and spray it with some graffiti slogans and relive the days of the hippy on the road in an old kombi van. Free, easy and travelling from town to town on the cheap.

Wicked campers Australia promised to clean up their act in respect of the offensive slogans, after receiving petitions drawn up by concerned members of the public such as Paula Orbea from Sydney. The petition had more than 127,749 supporters that started in 2014 at change.org – petition against Wicked Campers Australia with great success. In 2015, she was still following up on their wickedness of bad taste regarding their slogans.

In 2015, John Webb from Wicked Campers Australia, acknowledged the existing community opinion, apologized and said that they would be removing their bad taste of slogans over a period of six months. A press release from the company seemed to make light of the complaints referring to the upgrade of standards

…as we employed a team of highly-intelligent, socially-conscious super monkeys to closely monitor the subject matter featured on our vehicles and scream loudly when offended.

This initiative had been code-named ‘Moral Monkey Squad’ under a carefully constructed mission statement:

‘Moral Monkey Squad are dedicated to satisfying the whims and wishes of the humour-inept, self-righteous moral majority while wearing little monkey tuxedos and funny hats’ part of a new “monkey squad” –

However, is it only the slogans leaving backpackers with a bad taste in their mouth or is there more?

Lonely Planet removed wicked campers from its guide after collective shout pressure.

pictures of wicked campers Australia

photo: Brisbane Courier-mail

Wicked campers slogans were often described by activists as “violent, racist, misoginist, homophobic”. … Wow. A company couldn’t get any better at trying to cover themselves with the full gammit of offending slogans could they? A recent article in New Zealand still has the slogans causing offence still operating.

At the time of writing I checked reviews for Wicked Campers Perth which is more closer to home for me. There were quite a number of unhappy travellers whom left bad reviews for Wicked Campers Perth alone.

lonely planet pulls the plug on wicked campers australia after complaints
Many of the backpackers and other users of the campervans from the Perth outlet were unhappy with the service provided and they even went so far to say their vehicles were in a bad shape falling apart. Another cause for complaint was the service had not been as cheap as it appeared and most of them complained about staff being a joke and rude.

wicked campers perth backpacker campers for hire

google reviews on Wicked Campers Perth

cheap vans for hire daily rate perthbackpacker campers perth

With this said, it seems that they do not only have problems with their slogans but staff as well. Will Wicked clean up their act in response to “activists” mentions? Who knows?

I haven’t seen what progress the monkey squad has raised but maybe things have moved on and progressed to the better as the media “mentions” seemed to have declined.

You can get discounted Wicked camper and other van hire deals online.

There are also discount coupons for Wicked Camper van hires around Australia.  Sites like Groupon have run campaigns in the past offering fully equipped camper vans on an unlimited kilometre basis for example, $389 for 14 days, $99 for three days sleeping two or three people and offering roadside assistance.  I have seen discount vouchers, promo codes and discount coupons being advertised but I don’t know if these are just faked up links leading to the booking site for the website owners to generate commissions.  Just have a look around for cheap deals on these Wicked campers if thats the thing you are targeting.  Take deals extra with the Wicked Camper deal below – (Dealsextra-the site is a “coupon site” aggregator so the original deal was via Groupon for hiring a vehicle from Wicked campers in Perth).discount coupon deal wicked campers Australia and Perth-w800-h600

Is It Worth It To Hire A Backpacker Campervan?

Hiring a campervan is comfortable compared to touring with a car rental. During the day you drive for miles on end, however, when dusk comes a backpacker campervan is great, as you know you have a place to sleep.

They are convenient for any vacation and provide you with great mobility. There are some great rental campervan companies all over Australia presenting you with Hitop, Kuga, Chubby, Hi5, and budget campervans. Choose from different package deals including Relocation Specials check them out – you may just find what you are looking for making your campervan vacation an escapade.

Mighty Campers
Mighty Campers present you a wide range of backpacker campervans – you are sure to hit the jackpot. You can find them situated in both Australia and New Zealand. Call them on their free phone at 1 800 670 232 in Australia – fill out their GET A QUOTE or make a booking. For affordable, reliable 2 – 4 berth campervans, you can travel in luxury. They have no wicked slogans and customers have provided some great reviews.

Travellers Autobarn
Travellers Autobarn is a backpacker’s paradise when it comes to renting a camper from old to new. They present different rental deals with free access to camping grounds and discounted Caravan Parks. For accessibility, they provide their customers with 24/7 roadside assistance. You can contact them directly through their free call number: 1 800 674 374 or book via the provided campervan form. They have received mixed feelings from customers who have used them in the past.

Brits Adventure you can find them all over Australia in 10 locations to be exact. Hire from 2 – 6 berth campervans at affordable prices. Choose from different campervan deals including the ever-popular One Way from Melbourne deal. Contact them on their free line 1 300 738 087 or get in touch with them on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and more. There are no customer reviews available so be the first to write one.

Perth campervans for hire – If you are in Perth and looking for some backpacker campervan hire options then you might want to check out Falcon caravan and camper hire. You can read the reviews on trip advisor as a “Wicked camper hire Perth” alternative.

So if you are a backpacker looking to hire a  campervan for that trip you’ve spent years saving up for, then there are other companies that have campervan hire options for you guys, not just Wicked. Do your home work and research well, read the reviews on trip advisor, lonely planet, forums and reviews online to guage who’s who in the zoo.

wicked campers australia daily hire rate

If you want to buy an old wicked campervan for sale then the Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne outlet advertise old campervans for sale on their website.

By the way, if you want to get a cheap deal on a rental car, overnight campervans etc, there is a cheap way to hire and that is returning the vehicles to the main depot.  I will update more on this in another article but theres a company that you can check called www.imoova.com/

hippie rentals australia

photo – website of hippie rentals

Other providers of backpacker camper vans include hippie campers whom are a company worth checking out and jucy rentals.  If you are interested in Jucy rentals check out their deals for camper van relocation’s which we discussed in another article. When I checked the camper relocations on Jucy’s website they had a number of vans to be relocated for one dollar per day.

So you probably are thinking .. nah .. stuff it, I don’t want to take a self driving holiday around Australia.  Have you considered going with a bunch of people?  Check out the magic bus.

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