Our Checklist On Hiring A Wedding Car In Melbourne.

Wedding car hire in Melbourne.  Where do you begin?  It’s a competitive industry out there vying for what is the biggest day in a lot of peoples lives.  I know what your thinking, this is a motoring website right? Cars, trucks and now wedding hire businesses?  From time to time, we will throw in a few other features that are related to vehicle hire including some curve balls such as coffee van businesses for sale, tips on buying a car wash business and more.

The article is broken into two areas.  First up, general information about booking a wedding car for the most important day of your life and second, contact details and pricing for wedding car hire vehicles and businesses.

If you are pressed for time and want a kick list to start your organising

  • Hair and Makeup – try Amanda Forsyth based in Mornington. Phone: 0410 022 005 – Rye, VIC 3941.
  • Photography – Serendipity Photography, Malvern East VIC.  0395 693 299 or 45 Waverley Rd, Malvern East VIC 3145.
  • Wedding cars – Carwood Wedding Car Hire, Cheltenham VIC.  17B Elma Rd, Cheltenham VIC 3192. 03 9553 0483 or 0412 347 408.
  • Equipment and Hire – The Wedding Zone, Melbourne VIC. 03 9778 6800 
  • Flowers – Balwyn Events, Mont Albert VIC.  Telephone 0398 996 265.  679-681 Whitehorse Rd, Mont Albert VIC 3127.
  • Celebrant – Mine Forever, Melbourne VIC.  Approximately $600. Phone-0405 268 875

The basics of hiring a wedding car.

First up is the preplanning stage needs to be carefully thought out.
Preplanning includes the number of people who will need to be travelling and who will be travelling.  Knowing the people numbers will determine the number of vehicles that are required.

The second thing is to plan your route, you need to think of the schedule incorporating eg. Where the photographs will be taken and the reception venue and the timings in between.  A skilled wedding car hire company would have done this a million times and therefore, be able to guide you but you need to allow plenty of time in between particularly when the sun is setting and photographs need to be taken.

Look for the right company – The wedding car hire business is competitive in Melbourne.  You need to find the right company for the job.  It’s not something like a guy who works all week in one job who drives a black Chrysler descides to freelance on weekends.  You need to get a vehicle hire company that is totally professional, that has a staff of drivers or owner drivers, has perhaps a range of cars eg. Modern limosines or classic cars etc and you will hav to choose the “theming” what you want to create.  The upshot is the company needs to have a good reputation and be known for their reliability.  Check google reviews etc.  Do a backgrounder online on the company.

Ideally you want to run a business that’s been established for a while in the wedding car hire business that has the process down pat.  Ask for references from people who have used wedding car services or owner drivers before.  The firm needs to know the area in which the wedding is taking place and ask if for example the driver has a GPS.  Make sure the chauffeurs follow a timetable.  A professional operation will check ahead for disruptions and road clsures which may impact on timings.

Backups – ask the hire company what their backup strategy is.  What happens if a vehicle breaks down, and don’t fall for the “it’s a new car, it won’t break down” line or what if the driver is off sick, what is the backup.

You also need to consider what sort of car you want for the day.  The car is part of a package deal and you might want a compact limousine, stretch vehicle, classic car or even a horse and carriage.  The style of your choosing also needs to fit the colour plan of the wedding eg. White car, black car, vintage setting with vintage car etc.  You might also consider a traditional style with a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, Bentley or old style Jaguar car.  Going racy with a sports car or a bold statement a stretched out Hummer or roadster.

There’re some considerations when it comes to hiring a wedding car.  Modern or minimal, quirky or unusual vehicles that stock standard Melbourne wedding car hire companies cannot accommodate.

Before you book you need to view the vehicle.  The standards may vary from hire businesses and condition of the vehicle may also vary.  Find out if the cars are garaged, it may be in better condition if so.  If there are wedding expo’s there might be a number of wedding car hire companies in one hall making it convenient to talk to, perhaps grabbing show discount deals and hire packages etc.  so get along to a Melbourne wedding expo if there is one.  I would be looking out for the wedding and bridal expo – check this site out which are the organisers.

The other thing is the wedding dress consideration and accommodating the spread within the car.  You may have to consider this on the wedding dress and/or the vehicle being hired.  If you intend to have a long dress with long train then a suitable car needs to be considered.  Jamming into a small car will crease the wedding dress or train and may ruin the day.

The next step is to book but you need to book as early as possible.  There are peak and non peak times as you would expect Saturdays and the holiday months are most popular.  You therefore need to book well in advance and many people book 12 months to 18 months in advance, or when the wedding date is set.

Another thing to remember to to make sure the wedding car being hired is exclusively for you on the day of the event.  You wouldn’t want a company juggling cars having few cars for hire and leaving for another wedding at a certain hour or cutting times when things go over scheduled time.  You just don’t want to be dealing with last minute plans so ensure that the wedding car is being hired solely for your wedding.  Have this exclusitivity agreement written into the car hire agreement or somewhere given if you are booking many months out everything can get lost in the verbal dialogue.

When you get an agreement, read through the agreement of hire.  You need to ensure everything is clear.  An agreement may include the journey to be taken, the hire period, the type of vehicle being hired and want is expected on the day of the wedding.  If you don’t understand any aspects of the agreement you need to ask for clarification in advance, not on the day, especially read the fine print.

Wedding Car Hire In Melbourne – How much does it cost to hire a wedding car?

The prices are variable.  I had a quick look around for the purposes of this article and saw prices as low as (from prices) $60 per hour.  Some ask a minimum 3 hours first up, its hard to say as these may be lead in prices which you have to be aware of the “add ons”.  Ask about the addons as you don’t want nasty surprises like “bill shock” coming your way or be talked to an office, talked up and signing for something that blows the wedding budget when all the other services on the day are added into the overall bill.

There were also black Chryslers for weddings advertised online for $350 for the first 3 hours and $85 per hour after that. With a “return fee” charge possibly over $100.  Some costs differ for peak and non-peak times also.

Gumtree has a   1973 HQ Monaro from YISH car hire who can be contacted on 0401 179 696.  If as mentioned above you want something a bit bolder

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Hire vehicles for wedding cars.

there are stretch Hummers or Chryslers.    For a stretch car you might want to try this phone number 0499881167.  These guys are called the Limo Boutique.  A rough advertising guide I have seen for stretch limosines is “from $990 for the first 3 hours and then $150 per hour after that”. but there are additional fees and charges that might be payable as these quotes on websites tend to be lead in prices.  eg. return fees, peak and non peak charges, etc.

Formal Car Hire is another company that has been in business since 1987 in Melbourne.  You will have to pay a $200 fee aka booking fee.   A Touch of Silver is another company.

If you are after a Rolls-Royce vehicle, then Triple R Luxury car hire has a vehicle.

Wedding Car Association.  The website is worth a look for the sheer number of operators and diversity of wedding vehicles for hireVictoria’s Wedding Car Association. Established in 1980, the WCA consists of approximately 80 independently owned businesses, representing over 450 wedding cars for hire in Melbourne.

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