February Auctions From Hummers To Used Trucks For Sale.

Slattery Auctions have a whole bunch of stuff coming up this month.  This is a wrapup of the upcoming and current auctions for Slattery Auctioneers and valuers group that I recently checked on.  If your in for buying a cheap ladder for sale, motor bike, used vehicles, trucks, wood working equipment and more.

NSW Auctions – Assorted items.  Truck auctions and machinery for sale.

The Villawood outlet of Slattery’s at Marple Ave in Villawood, NSW has assorted ladders for sale.  This sale ends on 10th February on behalf of the Department of Agriculture.  You can inspect the goods and also pickup from the Villawood depot.  In addition there are Trolleys and Wheelbarrows for sale including a Rubbermaid manuverable hand trolley and cart as well as Reflex single handle platform trolleys and an aluminium moving trolley.  Nursery trolleys (both two tier and single tier nursing trolleys), nursery barrows with pnumatic tyres, Nylex ghokart green trolley for garden waste, gas bottle trolleys, Stanley wheel barrow’s, Westmix wheel barrow’s were also for sale and when I checked at the time of writing all these items had starting bids of $5.00 and up to $35.00.

The Villawood outlet also had weighing scales for sale.  These are those heavy duty weighing sales that can take 200 kilograms.  At the time of writing bids were around $10 to 80.00.  There were also a couple of Ruddweigh, Wedderburn, Satter Brecknell (weighs 250kg) and Excell branded electronic weighing platforms and variously bid $30 – $230.00.  Quite interesting lineup of items for weighing if you are after commercial grade weighing systems.

Slattery also has a depot at Maitland Road in Hexham and had some used garage doors on offer with that sale ending on 8th February, 2016.  The garage doors were the steel line Zinc coloured roller doors with starting bids at $1.00.  From what I gathered there seemed quite a lot of roller doors for sale by auction.

Used trucks, passenger buses and John Deer Header’s for sale

If you are after used farm equipment for sale at a “buy now” price then Slattery have at the time of writing some used John Deere Headers for sale at the Dandenong outlet in Victoria.  Price was $120,000 for a 2010 John Deere Header 9670STS (Item No. D43784-4) and a 2008 John Deere 9670 STS header for $100,000 buy now price – Item DC43784-1.

If you are after a small used truck for sale then Villawood has Mitsubishi Canters, Minstubishi FV500,  and Hino Dutro’s on offer ($39,990-44,990) along with a higher priced Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter FN600.  All these units were fitted with an elevated work platform.  Other vehicles for sale were a Daewoo Omnibus (two of), Isuzu trucks, also with elevated work platforms, John Deer 8360RT tracked tractor.  You can find out more here.

One of the interesting pieces up for auction is a Lotus Esprit vehicle.
red lotus esprit sports car
The vehicle auction at Villawood on 10 February also featured standard vehicle offerings of cars, vans and four wheel drives and a damaged vehicle eg. Holden Barina.
Surplus, bulk timber and wood auction in Victoria –
If you are after bulk lot of used woodworking equipment for sale then the office in Victoria has an onsite auctin at Wesburn on 15 February, 2016.  Theres a whole bunch of stuff for sale from a wood working company including grinders, drills, compressors, Makita drop saw, industrial lamps, timbers including Indian cedar, pine and cypress timbers, fencing posts, oregon timber, mahongany timber slabs, redgum and teak.  Theres an assortment of power tools also for sale.

Trucks, Machinery, Cars and General – Being Auctioned in Victoria.

melbourne hummer stretch limosine ex rentalThe Dandenong office has several trucks, excavators and trailers for sale but one standout was a Hummer stretch limousine to be auctioned on 18 February 2016 from a list of vehicles including Toyota Landcruisers, Mitsubishi Triton and other vehicles for sale by auction.

Used, single axle and dual axle box trailers for sale in Queensland.

If you are looking for a cheap single axle box trailer for sale then there are some trailers for sale in Brisbane at the Stafford depot.  These are coming up for auction on 16 February, 2016.  Some of the trailers are quite old and no doubt the price will be right for buyers interested in acquiring a box trailer.

One of the items that took my eye was a 2013 Haines Hunter profishing boat.  Also for auction on 16 February, 2016.  Other items include mini excavators, case and Toyota brand diesel units to warehouse fork lifts.

Slatterys main website where you can track down all the vehicles, equipment and more can be seen at – here.

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