Here’s A Buzzing Auction House Located On Brisbane’s South side (Logan City).

I’ve been receiving regular Southside Auto auctions alerts for some time and for this weeks article thought i’d do a write up on these blokes. I’m in no way affiliated with Southside Auto Auctions and over time you will see on this site write ups on other car auction companies around Australia as well as field reports (onsite inspections).

Southside Auto auctions is a Brisbane based company.  As the name suggests they are located on the Southside of Brisbane driving down the highway towards Logan City.  The company’s showrooms are situated at 10 Lexington Road, Underwood.  The access is really easy and just a drive down the Pacific motorway to Underwood.  You can call them on (07) 3841 1666.

The company forms a reasonable operation employing over forty staff.  In a nutshell, on offer is motor vehicle finance and showroom area.

Bidding Process At Southside Auto Auctions

Live Bidding in attendance – So you want to buy a vehicle at auction? Auction times are held on Monday at 5:30pm.  Presented are a range of vehicles with many classified as “no reserve” and usually over 150 vehicles on auction and many late model vehicles as well.

If your serious on a vehicle as usual there are steps to being the lucky bidder.  First you have to register, then go through the bidding process and finally pay for the vehicle.  Eftpos, visa and master cards are accepted.

When you register you need to fill out a registration card as well as agree to the terms and conditions of the auction.  Always carry some ID on you as you’ll need to present this also when you are filling out the registration card after which, once thats approved you will get a bidders number.

Southside Auto auctions is not just for dealers but public are welcome too to bid and buy the vehicles on offer.

How To Bid – The bidding process once you have registered is really simple.  All you do is get the attention of the auctioneer either by holding your hand up or waving your bidders card at him… it’s that simple.  Incremental movements of the auction figures for a particular vehicle that you are bidding on can move in increments of $100, $250 or even $500 jumps.  Lower amount movements are up to the discretion of the auctioneer and remember, as part of filling out the buyer registration card before the auction you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the auction so if you have successfully bid on a vehicle you cannot withdraw from it if you are the successful bidder.

After that, the next step is payment.  This must be done by 4:00pm the next business day.  Remember that there is a buyers premium and this should be factored into your bid at the time of auction as you will have to pay that ontop of your bid (final) price for the vehicle.

As far as im aware at the time of writing Southside Auto Auctions don’t offer live online bidding, only bidding for dealers and members of the public which has to be by attendance.

You can check out a full list of their vehicles coming up for auction on the Southside Auto Auctions website, but the best way to keep informed of what’s happening is to subscribe to their email alerts (on the front home page).

Customer Reviews Online?

As with all the car auction companies around Australia there are mixed reviews and customer experiences.  Southside’s online reviews are no different.  A good place to start is a group of 15 user feedback comments on google – here.

Some of the comments are old, up to 5 years ago and there are a mix of star ratings.

There was another thread on the Whirlpool forum, an Australian based forum talking about a range of topics including motor vehicles and users experiences with service.  You can see this thread here which is dated 2012.  Funnily enough the same comment was posted on Whirlpool and repeated on the google customer reviews of Southside Auto Auctions above too.  Seems this guy has

done the rounds of promoting his negative experience online.  You might also want to search in the Whirlpool forum for updated and recent user reports.  The forum is very popular and if you have any questions about anything to do with vehicles your sure to get some responses by posting a question in the forum.

Another website that does reviews is called Again some of these sites you have to take with a grain of salt.  Some of the comments in “product review” seemed over the top and I would go back to Whirlpool and posting questions on Whirlpool to get some genuine and helpful answers.  The number of “terrible” ratings as per user votes and comments were quite high.

I’ll hope to provide you with a field report of an auction and some photographs the next time I am in Brisbane as its been some years since I visited the company.

Errors? Omissions? Didn’t get enough out of the article?  Hated it? Feel free to contact us us and we can update this article about Southside Car Auctions.  Maybe you have a photo to share.


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