Where To Buy Cheap Vehicles Online.

Heres a list of online car auctions for you to check out. The topic of this weeks article is about vehicle auctions where you can monitor progress of the auction online via your computer and where to find cheap vehicles for sale through these websites.

If you are looking for cheap cars then there are options to find these online.  Believe it or not, some of these sites offer “auto cheapies” for sale but I mean the stock that you would have to some work to the vehicle in order to get back on the road, registered or to flip to a buyer.  More often than not the cheap vehicles being advertised on these sites will be part of salvage or damaged vehicle, abandoned, repossession etc motor vehicle auction. The article is largely focused on car auctions but can include perfectly good vehicles for sale on the list.

Note, that I want to regularly update this list so, feel free also to add some ideas in the Facebook comments area at the bottom of this post or contact me via our contacts page here.

For readers in Melbourne, you might want to check out our article here on police car auctions for cheapies. If you are in Perth you might want to check this mention on Perth police car auctions.

Australia Wide – Online Vehicle Auctions & Bidding Online.

No matter these days if you are located interstate, the internet has opened up a new world to bidding at auction remotely.  You can bid online as the auction is happening live. This is something I have no intention of ever doing and that is, to purchase a vehicle sight unseen.  I like to look at what I am seeing however, some buyers who are looking for spares and parts know their numbers and do this day in, day out. Manheims have regular national auctions of vehicles and these are done online. When I checked an auction being held by Manheim auctions at the time of writing called the “National Salvage” auction there were 157 vehicles alone represented in this roundup of cars for sale. The vehicles (including motorcycles for auction) were located in Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia. The morning session auction held on a Monday was an online only auction and the terms and conditions stated that payment must be made within 24 hours of the fall of the hammer.

Manheim Auctions Buyers Fees – The following fees applies to online auctions. The buyers fee for purchasing a car is on a sliding scale depending on the transaction price of the vehicle successfully bid on.  This can range between $98 and $180 up to $501.00 and 12.5% (or min. $180.00) if the purchase price is over $1,001.00. If there’s late payment then a fee of $121 shall be paid (or added to the buyers account if not paid within 48hrs). If the vehicles weren’t collected after 72 hours then holding yard storage fees may be paid as well as forklift fees as well as the buyer is to provide 24 hours notice before collecting the vehicles they have successfully purchased. What this boils down to is you have to have all your flights booked or a contact at the other side “ready to rock-n-roll” to get the vehicle following the completion of the auction.

There were a bunch of vehicles on offer showing repairable write offs and statutory write offs. If you are unfamiliar with that terminology we wrote more on this in our article – Australian car auction overview and Brisbane Hail Sale Cars, Would You Buy?.

Grays Auctions – Another online auction service worth checking out is Grays Online.  Grays have lots for sale all over the country but generally through its offices in NSW, Victoria, WA, Qld, South Australia, Western Australia and the NT. At the time of writing had some good prospects going with an “unreserved, commercial vehicle hire fleet”. They had a number of Ford Rangers, 4×4 vehicles and Toyota Hilux’s as well as 4×4 dual cabs and Toyota Prado’s. Buyers premium through Grays Online is set at 7%. These vehicles as mentioned were being sold as unreserved. Grays normally is quite active with a number of ongoing auctions not just vehicles but you might pick up other bargains on quite a number of category areas such as computers, wines, jewellery etc.

grays online

grays online had a number of vehicles on “no reserve” auction basis. source: graysonline.com.au

Not an online car auction but a great resource is Trovit to keep you in the “loop”. If you don’t want to muck around checking different sites you can check what is basically a site aggregator and have the results emailed to you. Trovit is a great example and what you do is can set up an email alert. For example hail damaged vehicles, salvage vehicles, damaged vehicles – all such keywords can be used in a Trovit search. You simply type in your email address at the bottom of the page where it says “receive the latest car listings by email” and you will be emailed a regular list of vehicles from various sources such as gumtree, sellsgoods, quicksales and even scoop in sellers who are selling their vehicles ebay…there are many more sites but it does save some time versus trolling around on a site by site basis.

South Australian Car Auctions.

abandoned cars for sale in South Australia

Example of an advertised abandoned vehicle being advertised through South Australian online website – Auctionblue. source: auctionblue.com.au

To be honest, I have never attended a South Australian vehicle auction but I hope to and to give a field report for this website when I visit Adelaide. One standout website for information for vehicle bargain hunters is called Auction Blue.  These guys had what appears a lot of cheap vehicles for sale at the time I looked.  For those wanting something running and perfect then these vehicles are more than likely not suited for you as many appeared in need of a lot of repairs or not running.  It is “as is, where is” after all.

From what they describe on the website, this South Australian company has been going since 1990 and operates out of a property situated at Richmond in South Australia. Apart from small bits and pieces on their website for sale such as appliances, office equipment, tiles and general goods and electronics which aren’t the focus of this website there were vehicles for auction – see the advertising images I placed as an example of what was being sold “as is where is” on behalf of the South Australian Sheriff’s office.

A buyers premium of 13.75% (incl. GST) is charged. These are seized of forfeited vehicles so don’t expect a rolls royce out of these vehicles and note the caveat “Do not assume the vehicle is in working order or free from defect”. Im sure you can see from the type of vehicles advertised that I have put as an example, they will need a bit of work but for some buyers this represents an opportunity (or challenge whichever way you look at it) to get the vehicle back on the road.

There were another batch of abandoned vehicles on behalf of the Adelaide Airport. These guys auction both cars and motorcycles and if your in South Australia it looks like an interesting site worth keeping an eye on.

Auction Blue also offers online bidding. Bids had closed for a some of the vehicles at generally prices under $500 however its hard to really gauge what the price these auction vehicles finally went for.

For those in Melbourne you might be interested to get the vehicle towed back to Melbourne using a service we discussed in another article – here. Look down the bottom of the page and you will see a bunch of pictures related to towing.

Online car auctions in Queensland.

There’s no doubting it but the summer storms that strike Brisbane City can wreak havoc on everybody from insurers, panel beaters, and used car yards and ordinary motorists.  We wrote an article about the hail sale auctions that are held in Brisbane and usually by Pickles or Manheims. You can read more here.  You may or may not be surprised to know that you can bid online for the auction vehicles in Brisbane especially when there are large lot salvage sales.  I also came across this Brisbane car auction firm called Brisbane Dealer Auctions.  Their website strapline says “Buy where the dealers buy @ dealers only auctions” and they are open to the public.  The weird thing is their website doesn’t list an address or location of their auction rooms.  The fees you pay to purchase a vehicle through Brisbane Dealer Auctions are paid on transfer of the vehicle and are set at $299 + GST plus you pay a $77 roadworthy cost on the vehicle as well… stay tuned.  When I am in Brisbane next I may try and call in and provide a field report update on these guys.

manheim auctions damaged vehicle example

Example of Manheim damaged vehicle being advertised for an upcoming salvage vehicle auction.  There were quite a number of lots for sale including this 2006 Hyundai Elantra and other Korean cars that were clearly in damaged condition. Source: http://www.manheim.com.au/

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