New And Used Car Dealers, Nepean Highway Brighton (Melbourne).

Are you after a new vehicle or secondhand?  Prestige European brand?  A French or Italian number or something from Germany?  Sporty style such as Jaguar or Porsche?, then the Nepean Highway Brighton has a good selection of new and used motor vehicle dealers for you.

Today I went for a run down the Nepean Highway looking at car dealerships.  All of them had closed by 5pm and staff gone home to celebrate New Years.  The only dealership that had staff in them still working at this time was Mazda.  The boys seemed hard at it unlike all the other dealerships had closed for the afternoon.

The Nepean Highway in Melbourne has a great offering of vehicles for sale along the highway outbound. Thats on the left side as you head out of Melbourne towards Frankston.  There is both prestige european such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover and Jaguar and Porsche to other brands, Infiniti, Nissan, Toyota, Holden and Isuzu.  Also represented are Citreon, Fiat and Italian car maker Alfa Romeo and the cheaper Great Wall brand from China.  Oh and not forgetting those hard working Mazda boys.  Volkswagen are also there down near the Moorabin end on the “inbound” side of Nepean Highway.

Here is a list of the car dalerships along the Nepean Highway that I dropped into.

Jaguar and Land Rover have a Brighton service centre but that is moving to a new location at 77-79 Tulip Street, Cheltenham for Jaguar and Land Rover servicing.  The old Brighton service centre was largely tucked away in the past and not much street frontage and you could have driven by and not noticed it.

Audi Brighton – Out on the Nepean Highway near Glen Huntley Road, Elsternwick is an Audi dealership.  This is the first main car dealer that you come to outbound on this run of Nepean Highway cars.  Sure you could keep going down the highway and strike a lot more vehicle dealers but for this article I have largely stuck to Nepean Highway car dealers around the “Brighton” give or take area.

Audi had quite a decent range on offer from A3, A4 model Audi’s new and used.  The only other non Audi car I could see was a late model Volvo being sold (obviously bought in off a trade), the rest of the cars being sold were Audi’s and the offerings were quite impressive.  There was an A6 silver Audi for $56,990 and a A6 3.0T, white for $89,990.  There were A7’s and also some Q3, Q5 and Q7 models.  They also have another outlet /  service centre for Audi vehicles which I will come to below.

Further down the highway you find Brighton Ford.  This is quite a large dealership with a long Nepean Highway frontage.  Brighton Ford stock both new and used vehicles as well as have Power Torque Finance available.  There was a good range of new and used vehicles in stock.  Ford Mondeos at $46,985 driveaway price up to a Ford Everest 4 wheel drive at just under $58,000 drive away.
Nearby is Brighton Holden and Brighton Toyota and like Ford have a large dealership, prominant Nepean Highway frontage and offer both new and used vehicles as well as a large service centre for Holden and Toyota vehicles.  Lexus is the next vehicle dealer on the highway and then Jaguar / Land Rover – situated near Martin Street, Nepean Highway area.  There were higher priced vehicles such as a Jaguar sports foro $155,000 (well beyond my budget) and a Land Rover Discover for a touch under $96,000 drive away price, again, a bit higher than the normal vehicles I buy but none the less a good, solid vehicle.
The next place down the Nepean Highway at Brighton I droppe into was Brighton BMW.  This BMW dealership stocked both new and used vehicles.  It was a little hard to get into this location being located on a one way street you could drive right past and have to do a bit of manuouvering to get back again if you miss the entrance.

Down the highway we have the American classic lineup of Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge.  Next door is Brighton Alfa and Brighton Fiat as well as Isuzu and Citroen.  It appeared to be all one and the same firm dealing in Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Isuzu and Ciroen vehicles under the name of Motor World on Nepean Highway.

Mitsubishi Brighton are located next to this company and so is the Chinese brand, Great Wall.  Mitsubishi Brighton have of course new Mitsubishi cars for sale and secondhand and the secondhand offerings were quite reasonably spread amongst many brands of makes and models in the lot.  There were jeeps, toyotas and used Fords and you name it sitting there.

Melboune new car dealers map

The Nepean Highway around Brighton offers a wide range of New and Used car dealers. This is a rough “mud map” of the dealers and proximity to each other.

Nearby and still heading along the Nepean Highway outbound is Renault Brighton.  Renault Brighton stock both commercial style vans and cars (including small car models) from the French auto maker.  It appears the same company owns the Suzuki Brighton dealership nexts to Renault Brighton as well as the Brighton Honda outlet.  This is 3 outlets having good road exposure along the Nepean Highway.

Our next stop to check was Porsche Brighton.  Porsche Brighton also have a service centre and the vehicles being sold (both new and used Porsche for sale at Porsche Brighton) were, what can I say, well and truly out of my pocket budget.  Porsche Brighton offered both sports and SUV vehicles.  The smaller sporty 2-door models were around $133,000 for one model and $149,000 for a black sports model.  Of course by the time I got to Porsche Brighton the gates were closed and I can see why, judging by the price of the stock they close gates and don’t allow people to walk around openly amongst the cars.  Next to Porsche Brighton is Infiniti.  Infiniti Brighton are a small outlet with a small range of stock available on a corner lot setup.  There were Infiniti vehicles for sale for around $70,000.

Situated directly opposite Infiniti Brighton was the Mazda outlet.  Brighton Mazda, again, had a reasonable size setup with good range of stock offerings.  Next we passed the Brighton Audi service centre.  This appears to be part of the same Audi Brighton outlet near Glen Huntley Road but also had new vehicles for sale as well in the showroom.  Tucked into a lot is Altitude Volvo headed further down toward Moorabin/Nepean Highway area.  This dealer had a small offering of new Volvos for sale.

Nearby is Nissan who stock new Pulsars for $16,990 drive away.  The Pulsar range has been around for years much like the Toyota Corolla model and Nissan Brighton had a reasonable offering of new makes and models of Nissans in stock.  Headed inbound are the two German makes of VW and Brighton Mercedes.  I’m not a big fan of plugging VW in a positive light on my website after some of the news thats come out in recent years, NOT JUST the US debarkle but there were some noteworthy news items in Australia as well concerning (and there was reason to be concerned) about VW and its treatment of customer enquiries and recall handling.

So thats it folks, Nepean Highway car dealers… and yes, theres some smaller dealers there that are private and mainly doing used stock that you could check out as well.

And its now midnight on new years night so I hope those Mazda sales staff aren’t still at their desks 🙂

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