Best Car Sale Websites In Australia

I recently had to sell a car and looked around at the various options to do so.  It was a Volvo vehicle around the $5,000 mark and so selling it privately made sense as I had just bought myself another Volvo C30 vehicle to replace it.

So what options did I have in terms of paid car advertising and free car advertising online?

Gumtree was the first place I started for free car ads.  Gumtree I have found excellent over the years for just about anything to sell, not just cars but household goods.  Setting up a Gumtree account is easy and its one account that you then use to place your free motor vehicle advertisment.  Setup is easy and posting the advertisement and you can also put up a number of photographs of the vehicle with the free account.  Whilst its free to advertise your vehicle on Gumtree, due to its popularity I do find the ad drops down the rankings pretty quickly.

The ad did generate some callers, some tyre kickers and no specific interest but that might have been a pricing issue which is not a problem given the advert for the car was recently posted.  Of course, the free car ads Gumtree offers does have its limitations and you might want to buy some of the paid “extras” which, compared with some time ago have really risen in price.

Paid options for “boosting” the profile of the free Gumtree ad are paid bump ups at $3.59, Highlighting the advertisement for $4.99 for 7 days, Placing an “urgent” stamp on the advertisement for 7 days at $9.99, making the advertisement at top ad for 7 days at $27.49 and being featured in the home page gallery for 7 days at $49.99.

Beyond Gumtree what other options are there for car sales websites in Australia?

From what I gather online looking at the general statistics –

Australian car sales websites that are worth looking at include carsales with the lions share of the market interest to advertise on (33%), then there is Carsguide(14%), then Drive (12%) and Car Point (5%).  Those percentages were off the Roy Morgan website, not my made up conclusions.

Personally, from selling cars online I have just used Gumtree and, thats it  and left the rest to NOT advertise but use for  for valuation and comparative purposes in establishing competition in the market and coming up with a sale price.

cars websites with biggest share in Australia

Online car sales website titled “carsales” has the lions share of online car advertising.

Setting up a “car for sale” advertisement on Carsales is extremely easy.  For those looking for a way to advertise their vehicle online for free Carsales does offer a free until sold for cars under $3,000.

In my case, as my vehicle was over $3,000 I had to pay the next and most popular sales method being the $65.00 until sold.  That is ok as the advertisement generated quite a good deal of interest.  Beyond carsales I don’t bother forking out more money and just use the two services ie. Gumtree and Carsales for selling cars.

By the way if you are really keen Carsales has a “Premium” system which is $135 until sold.  This includes what the lower level accounts include ie. unlimited free edits, unlimited vehicle photos etc but also includes a highlighted listing, higher search results appearance, CarFacts history report and Redbook valuation ertificate.  Quite frankly I have never bothered with online vehicle valuation services such as Redbook and Glasses as they tend to lag the market and have a higher than market valuation which, if you stuck to your guns on, you wouldn’t sell the vehicle.

tassie cars online car sellers tasmania

Tassie Cars is a way to sell your vehicle online in Tasmania.

Carsguide … Drive …Carpoint … I havent had any experience advertising and selling motor vehicles with these last three car sales websites.

All i can say is Carsguide does have free car ads and what I gather theres paid upgrades.  That was the current setup to advertise your car online at the time of writing.

For car sellers in Tasmania you might be interested in this website called Tassie Cars.  It generates quite a bit of search traffic from what I can see although I don’t live in Tasmania it could be worth checking out.  Tassie Cars has free listings for private car advertisers.
Good selling! 🙂

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