Love Home Car Services? You’ll Love Using A Melbourne Mobile Mechanic.

Mobile mechanics provide a convenient service.  For those people who love having services come to their door and convenience or someone to call when buying a vehicle, a mobile mechanic might be just the answer. A mobile mechanic in Melbourne can come to your home or office. I have never used a mobile mechanical service to work on my vehicles and have instead taken my vehicle to my favourite mechanics to get my car fixed.

This weeks article looks at Mobile mechanics for both motorcyles and car mechanics in Melbourne we also have a short list of our best mobile mechanics in Melbourne.

Stories of unexpected extras are common when dealing with auto repairs, in some cases I have had friends tell me their vehicles have come back from the repair workshop in worse condition than when the car went in for repairs. Another complaint I’ve heard is the repairs have taken a lot longer than what is considered “normal”. In a lot of cases theres underservicing or overcharging and thats why its good to have a local, regular mechanic that you can trust.

To begin with lets look at some tips in dealing with mechanics generally and this also applies to mobile mechanics no matter where in Australia you are located. Mobile mechanics can be used for a range of services not just coming to your home or work place for convenience but also preinspection of vehicles that you might be interested to buy. Thats depending if you want to pay the call out fee then its quite convenient for the mechanic to just come to the vehicle sellers house. In cases the mobile mechanic can be more expensive but on the flipside you can save in the costs to get the broken down vehicle to the workshop.

General tips for dealing with mechanics.

First, Dont let the mechanic scare you. Have you heard of the bad news from the mechanic like “I won’t let you drive away in the vehicle like that”. You need to make sure you have all the reasons why as it might be commonly used statements that are trying to put pressure on you to agree to repairs that can be costly right then and there.

Shop around for your repairs. This is an old one but for many busy people shopping around for repairs can be a hassle. You need second opinions. If there are any doubts especially with what you are being told, seek another opinion. Go with the gut feeling that “something is wrong here”. A little bit extra time spent seeing other mechanics or jumping on the phone can save you hundreds, if not thousands off the end repairs bill for your car. Go with your gut.

Isolate the problem. You’ll need to do your best to find and isolate the problem. For example, if theres a grinding noise when you’r turning when does it happen ie. When you are turning to the left or to the right?. Is the grinding noise in the vehicle happening when you are driving uphill or downhill or at a particular speed?. Is there noise but also sensation through the steering wheel for example. Giving as much specific information can help solve and clarify and avoid issues when communicating with the mechanic.

There are some things you can’t skimp. There are some things you can’t skimp. Brake pads are one thing and they should be similar in quality to what was put on the vehicle when it was a new car. If the mechanic or mobile mechanic for that matter presents you with a range of cheaper brake parts or options for anything don’t go for it. Cheap brake parts won’t serve you any better and may be the difference between being in an accident or avoiding an accident.

Know your scheduled service routine and ask to be informed of any surprises to the car servicing costs. This is normal to ask the mechanic or mobile mechanic as if your on a budget like most you want to be told if something that you thought was going to be $200 to do suddenly blows out to $500. There may even be a way to wait until the next service due for the car or when you can afford it.

Read the fine print if the service is quoted as fixed price. I’ve had friends caught by this method of servicing in the past. It seems that fixed price servicing in Melbourne is a good thing and having a fixed price for servicing the car will take a lot of the guesswork out of the costs and avoid any blowouts. Wrong. Theres been a number caught by fixed price mechanical service providers “upselling” extras like higher grades of oil and some other mechanical parts inclusions etc that ended up making the cheap fixed price repairs high. Yes, those fixed price repairers were in Melbourne too.

Always service your vehicle on time, avoid letting the dashboard light go on and on and ignoring it.

For mobile mechanic jobs consider supplying the parts. Perhaps you could track down some wrecker parts, after market parts etc and supply these and just pay the mobile mechanic the labour charges to reduce your costs.

Mobile mechanic’s in Melbourne

Mobile mechanics can do vehicle repairs, car servicing and breakdown servicing. Mobile mechanics provide a service of coming to you and also do logbook servicing of your vehicle. There are quite a number of mobile mechanics based in Melbourne that are offering services and how do you tell who’s who in the zoo?

As a first timer to going mobile instead of dropping the car off to the service centre, you don’t want to entrust someone to fix your vehicle and find it comes back with a huge bill or in worse shape than what you intended.

Referral? Have your friends used a particular mobile mechanic. Online referrals can be a trap and in some cases the glowing references are nothing more than crafted testimonials from the businesses themselves. There are also consumer websites like word of mouth which we will look at below and websites like whirlpool that have an automotive discussion section. Online there are many, many facebook groups but the more specialised the vehicle discussion I have found that people who are mechanically minded tend to fix it themselves or have a particular auto shop. For Volvos for example its Voldat in Moorabin that most people take their Volvos and they wouldn’t in a lot of cases let a mobile mechanic loose on their car.

Perhaps you have a great recommendation to make for a Melbourne mechanic that works mobile. A bit beyond your run of the mill franchise operator. If so, feel free to make a comment in the Facebook section below under comments or drop us an message in the contact us page.

Mobile Mechanic Servicing Melbourne – Cars:

Advantage Mobile Mechanics – These guys I don’t know or have had experience with but have had some reports of reasonable costs to service a vehicle. The minimum service fee for cash which includes 30 minutes of labour is $99.00 being for mechanical repairs and roadside/breakdown assistance. For auto electrics its $110.00. Theres a schedule of fees on the link above.

Betta Mobile Mechanics – Betta Mobile mechanics service the Mornington Peninsula area as well as Frankston, Dandenong, Cranbourne and surrounding suburbs. Betta have a team of mechnics and you can check out their pricing on this page here. Betta actually wont the 2014 “Word of Mouth” (a website that provides consumer reviews and reports) Service award. You can check out the reviews that customers wrote on the WOMO website.

Service On Site – This company is based in Northcote. The company has received reasonably good reviews from customers. I tend to refer back in a lot of cases to WOMO (the website) and to a lesser extent google reviews from customers. Be careful of the really, really glowing reviews.

Matt My Mobile Mechanic is another guy on the list. As I understand this guy services the Melbourne eastern suburbs. Theres no website or facebook page to find but you can ring Matt on 03-97 26 5351 or 0411710 911. Claims to have been servicing cars for 27 years.

Taylors Mobile Automotive Service – You can see more about these guys on their Facebook page. Taylors service the Yarra Valley and Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Mobile phone service is 0402 598 976 and for their website – click here.

About Town Mobile Mechanics are also up on the list for anyone recommending a Melbourne mobile mechanic. As far as I’ve come accross many happy customers who have used these guys.

The phone number for About Town is (03) 9005 0140. These guys do a range of standard services including emergency breakdown roadside assist, radiator replacements, mobile brake repairs, onsite repairs and fixing fuel pumps, water pumps and radiator hoses, brake repairs. Actually quite an extensive list that is in more detail on their website.

If you are looking for an Indian (Hindi and Punjabi Languages) speaking mobile mechanic then try this service.  Note, Its a referral but I’ve never used this mobile mechanic who I am told is based in the Clayton South area.  Mobile: 0424 740 275 OR Mobile: 0430 365 600.  He says he charges from $70 plus a free inspection and deals with Minor or major service, Transmission (SPECIALIST) service or total flush, Diff service, brake repairs,  Clutch kits and fly wheel, Coolant flush, Starter motors and alternator problems (Auto electrical work),  Light vehicles timing belts and drive belts and also deal with Euro model cars.

Melbourne Mobile Mechanic’s Servicing Motorcycles:

Street Master – Street master came recommended to me for mobile motor bike mechanical repairs and is based in Frankston North. The business is owner operated. David who has over 10 years professional servicing experience. The callout fee is $50 if within 50 kilomters of Frankston with a charge of $2.00 per kilomter thereafter. Street Master takes cards for payment and will service any bike, brand, sports bikes, cruisers, scooters etc. He also does tyre fitting and towing for break down servicing. Some of the makes and models Street Master service include Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Moto Guzzi and Harley Davidson motor bikes.

Another place for motorbike servicing that I have been told about is Moto Worx. These guys are based in Eltham and have reasonable reviews when I cross checked.

As mentioned above, if you have any further recommendations for a Mobile Mechanic in Melbourne then feel free to add in the Facebook comments below.

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