Importing A New Japanese Vehicle Just Got A Whole Lot Easier.

New import rules on vehicles into Australia from overseas (namely Japan and UK) will come into effect from 2018 onward. What a “big win” for local Australian consumers who are looking to getting a vehicle from overseas for personal usage.

Let me explain further. The Australian Federal Government recently announced that import restrictions on the importation of personal use vehicles will be lifted. The legislative changes concern new and near new cars which have been sourced from Japan and Britain, and this will come into effect from 2018.

Perfect for you guys importing popular makes and models of cars from Japan with the likes of Toyota Supra and Lexus etc. that have been popular in the past.

The Australian Federal Government expects the vast majority of Australians to buy still new cars from local dealerships, but this change in import rules for “new” cars coming in from Japan or Britain just means more freedom to choose. The timing of this shift enters into effect as the local industry from 2017 experienced significant change.

“The real issue here is: why to regulate if you’re now part of a global regime?” the Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development said.

“We allow people to purchase all sorts of goods from overseas on the internet.

“There seems no reason why we shouldn’t allow people to buy new cars from foreign markets if there’s an opportunity to do so.”

Seems a simplistic explanation “we allow” doesnt it, they appeared to be concerned about all the online purchases of other non car products and trying to tax it 🙂 to the howls of local businesses losing money on online sales.

The government is not looking at changes to importing pre-owned vehicles from overseas. I recall back in the 1980s in New Zealand there were a lot of cheap, secondhand Japanese cars imported into the country. The new legislation applies to new car imports for personal use.

I recently wrote a piece on the death of the local car market but perhaps this is a another nail in the coffin of the local dealer and automotive industry albeit it is a small nail as many people (including myself) don’t import vehicles from overseas.

From this year, the likes of Ford, Holden and Toyota are winding down/ceasing locally manufactured vehicles and going for imports known as “grey imports” which will see cars introduced. With the personal import changes to cars coming from the UK and Japan, this will represent it is estimated 2.5 to 3 percent of the overall new car market. I still have yet to verify those claims.

I guess there’s a lot to thrash still out, but the changes do come with restrictions.

  • The new rules apply only to personal imports. What this means is that car yards in Australia cannot buy stock from overseas.
  • Personal means that – personal use.
  • There’s a restriction on buying a car for personal use of one new car every two years.
  • The vehicles must be less than 12 months old and have done under 4,000 kilometers.

Theres been some conflicting reports about the kilomters limitation, I have seen some reports as little as 500 kilomters being the maximum allowed. The 4,000 kilometers is from an ABC news report.

Also, at question are warranty and maintenance and how local dealerships would treat any servicing and repairs from same brand vehicles imported from overseas.

In other rule changes announced, Classic cars and importing classic and collectible vehicles require a minimum age of 25 years old (previously the rules were on the age of the vehicles, i.e., Pre 1989 cars) and the $12,000 fee for import duty payment lifted.

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