Hyundai Wreckers Melbourne.

If you’re looking for spare parts for your Hyundai, then there are many options for Hyundai wreckers in and around Melbourne. This post will detail a map and list of some Hyundai wreckers that you can contact for spare parts and Hyundai bits to get going.

These are business listings, and therefore, I cannot recommend any one of these Hyundai wreckers over another – I’ve bought and sold some vehicles in the past and haven’t had any experience with the Hyundai brand of car.  If there are any readers out there that want to recommend a place over another, then feel free to contact me on the “contact us” form on this website.

From any feedback from genuine Hyundai owners out there,  it will point readers in the right direction (even the ones to stay away from). I’ve also put a Melbourne map that you can view which has some auto wreckers marked.

There are loads of auto wreckers around Melbourne, and many can source Hyundai parts, if not through their networks. Some of these companies though advertise online either using Google AdWords or a page on their website as a “catch all” to get more stock or attract customers. These companies may not necessarily have a good range of Hyundai spares and parts for sale as well – so you want to make sure you start the search process from someone who genuinely deals with Hyundai parts and spares to avoid any “middle” markups so to speak.

Salvage auctions – we wrote quite a bit about this topic of SALVAGE AUCTION ARTICLES HERE. There are websites where you can pick up damaged, abandoned or repossessed vehicles for under $500, even $300. Take Auction Blue, a South Australian car auction company.  Auction Blue at the time of writing had some Hyundais for sale.  You could probably find some bits off a vehicle being advertised on sites like Gumtree but also the bigger players in Auctions, e.g., Pickles, Manheim may from time to time get some excellent deals on Hyundais.  Take for example the Hail damaged vehicles in Brisbane, which were sold off at low prices simply the supply of cars made it a feeding frenzy for buyers.

Hyundai Wrecking and parts – buying online: Ebay turned up some surprising stores. We mentioned in our article on Volvo servicing of a great eBay store selling Volvo secondhand parts on eBay. You can also pickup Hyundai cars being wrecked on eBay such as excels. I found Motors for $300 as a buy it now, rear mirrors, hubs, motor bits, and pieces, tail lights, timing belts, lights and more. All reasonably priced. There were also listings for spare parts for the Accent model as well.

Hunting around some of the Facebook groups may also turn up something, but I wouldn’t waste a lot of energy on Facebook car groups for spare parts and wrecking in mind, they are more for buying and selling whole vehicles. That said, why not pose the question that you are looking for Hyundai spare parts? There’s a lot of knowledgable and helpful people on these Facebook groups.  There are Facebook groups for used cars even car buying and selling pages for vehicles under $1,500 in Melbourne.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few ads on Gumtree (as mentioned above) offering Hyundai wrecking and bits and pieces for sale. You could also place an advertisement in a wanted section of Gumtree; it will only cost you your time as to put ads on this website is free.  The cost of bumping up the advertisement to give you a bit more prominence is quite reasonable.

Here’s a short list of Melbourne-based Hyundai wreckers. Some of the comments that I have seen online about these businesses are quite remarkable including “get your stuff together and learn how to treat people” to “Rudest people in Melbourne, no company or customer service skills.” That said that particular Melbourne wrecker has closed down. Just on that checkout Word Of Mouth the website. Helpful for user reviews.

The problem is getting bargain Hyundai spare bits. A lot of these wreckers and spare parts suppliers that are dismantling vehicles still want to charge an arm and a leg for the parts. Dealing directly with the owners who are wrecking say a Hyundai excel themselves may prove more cost effective. The later the model, the more you will get stung albeit you will still pay in theory less than what brand new Hyundai parts cost from Hyundai Motors yaris salvage auction

If you want a “catch-all” way to find Hyundai cars being wrecked that will aggregate some websites and around the country if you wish is Trovit. Trovit is a great directory site that pulls in vehicles being advertised on gumtree, buying cars (a website), eBay and others.

Remember, your mechanic might be able to get better pricing on Hyundai parts given their networks than walk-in retail customers.  I’ll try and update the list further as time goes on.

Melbourne Wreckers To Try For Hyundai Parts

paintless dent repairs MelbourneHyon All Parts – At the date of writing these guys had some Hyundais as wrecking and even photographs of the cars on their website. Hyon has an eBay shop as well. The company is based in Campbellfield in Melbourne and has reportedly been in business for nearly 25 years and recently located to new premises at 1600 Sydney Road in Campbellfield. I found some positive reviews online, and you can read them here.

You might want to try Harvey Wreckers.  These guys are open seven days a week 9 am to 5 pm.  They are general wreckers but have a decent sized yard of over 8 acres with lots of wrecks to pick through situated near Frankston.

Mega car wreckers also at the time of writing had Hyundai wrecks on their website.  They were also looking for Hyundai scrap cars to buy for cash although “guaranteed cash offer for your vehicle, sight unseen” usually means in my books – low cash offer and they will probably offer you a couple of hundred dollars for your Hyundai vehicle.

You might also want to try some of the online directories that are out there for car parts and wrecking.  There’s find a part which may turn up Hyundai parts from wrecking companies as well as classified ads for wrecked vehicles.

For people in Springvale, there’s another wrecker here called Imlachs which have quite some vehicles on site.  They also are cash for cars buyers and will do a pickup of your old auto.  I would ring them first though on 1300 652 070 before heading out to the site to just check whether they have Hyundai spares and parts in stock.  Also, check out their website as they have price listings.

Commpower also has a mixed bag of vehicles for wrecking and at the time of writing had a Getz for listing as a wrecked car.

Hyundai Wreckers Melbourne – Location Map


As mentioned, I would be happy to edit and add more specialist wreckers on this list.  At the moment the contact us page is down (just check to see if I’ve added back) as there was a lot of spam comments being left via the contact us page blocking up my email box.

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