How To Kill Your Pet In 6 Minutes.

Pets usually being a dog and locked in hot cars are always in the news.  I recall each summer, summer after summer seeing the same story in the papers “Dogs found locked in cars on a hot day at (fill in the location)”.  What are people thinking to leave pets in their cars and go off and do something only to be distracted or absent-minded to forget their waiting pet is in the car?  After the fact, these owners often don’t realise that leaving pets in vehicles during summer can kill, even for just 6 minutes away – the pets can die in a locked car.

Dogs left in hot cars can have their organs shut down.  It could take just minutes for a pet’s temperature to rise above forty degrees even if the vehicle was parked in the shade.  Often it’s called heat stroke.  Through this heating process, the change can be irreversible.

Temperatures in cars may rise over 50 degrees Celsius when the outside temperature can be in the low 30s.  The RSPCA did a study that found –
That it could take as little as 6 minutes for the pet to be dead.

what are the penalties for leaving pets locked in a hot car?

There have been cases where pet owners were fined for leaving animals in a vehicle.

Queensland laws say –  Leaving pets in cars can be an offence under Section (17) Breach of Duty of Care, or section (18) Animal Cruelty. The maximum penalty is three years in prison or a $220,000 fine.

In New South Wales leaving dogs without food and water can warrant fines up to $5,500 and six months in gaol. Fines are up to $22,500 and two years in prison if the animal dies.

Also, leaving an animal without proper water and shelter is an offence under the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001, and are liable to prosecution.

What are the best cars for dogs and their owners?

Car companies would realise that 40% of Australian households have a dog and that more and moe people are taking their pets on road trips.

If you want to see a US survey compiled for “best cars for dog owners” you can see an article by US based site – Autotrader.

These are US listed vehicles, but you’ll get the picture from the Auto Trader survey which named the following vehicles to best vehicles for dog owners.

List sourced from – Autotrader (US) –

Audi Allroad
Honda Jazz
Jeep Renegade
Kia Carnival
Mazda 3
Mercedes-Benz GLA
Subaru XV

What can you do if you see pets locked inside a hot car?

If you see a pet locked in a hot vehicle you can seek emergency by going firstly to the centre management (if in the case you are at a large shopping centre and there is shopping centre management onsite), or phone 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) or call your local police station.   You can also call the RSPCA on 1300 278 3589

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