How do I make purchases using PayPal on eBay?

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Some of you guys might want to buy cheap and used car parts.  Apart from gumtree I love in particular buying and occasionally selling using eBay. I’ve never sold a vehicle on eBay though, would be interested to hear from some readers that may have used eBay car sales to sell their vehicle or buy a vehicle. One of the reasons I use eBay to buy bits and pieces (yes, even small covers for cell phones and items around five bucks) is the fact that eBay integrates with PayPal so I can take advantage of not having to pass over my Visa debit card details and have some degree of satisfaction in terms of refunds (via Paypal).

We have mentioned using eBay for buying parts online sellers including for spare parts secondhand for  Volvo vehicles as well as Mercedes-Benz parts.  There are even specialised spare parts “eBay stores” for specific makes of vehicles set up selling only parts as you will find reading the two links i placed above. You will find after going through the motions of buying on eBay once that it’s a cinch as the whole process is quite easy and you will get the product in the mail in a few days (depends on which postal or courier option that you selected at the time of purchase).

The following was taken directly from eBay instructions itself.  Generally, everything about buying on eBay is straightforward even to the first time, at the time, such as me.

How do I make purchases using PayPal on eBay?

Here’s how to make a payment for an eBay item you have won or purchased using eBay’s checkout:

  1. Log in to your eBay account.
  2. Click My eBay.
  3. Click Won under Buying.
  4. Click Pay now for the listing you wish to pay for.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. On the Review your purchase page, review the details of your purchase and click Continue to confirm it.
  7. Log in to your PayPal account when prompted and click More funding options if you want to select a different funding option.
  8. Click Confirm your payment to complete your purchase.
  9. You will receive an email receipt shortly after confirming your purchase.

Note: If you do not have an eBay account, you can purchase a Buy it now item without signing up. However, you must use PayPal to fund your purchase. Click the Buy it now button on the item you wish to purchase and complete the payment.

If you want to find answers to other eBay questions you may have, go to www.ebay.com, sign in to your account and click Contact Us.

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