Dodo Car Insurance Reviews Generally Seem Negative. How Come?

Dodo car insurance is a discount insurance player on the Australian market.  Dodo Services Pty Limited provides its services. This is a company that trades in internet service and provides telecommunications under the M2 Group. The company was established in 2001 and later expanded into home and car insurance, VoIP, mobile broadband, gas as well as electricity. The company was acquired by M2 Group. Before it was bought, the company had 400,000 customers and was actively providing over 660,000 services.

Dodo Services Pty Limited is a services company that offers the Internet, mobile services, home phones as well as power and gas. The company’s insurance arm of business provides various types of car insurance with significant savings for consumers.

There is comprehensive car insurance as well as third party fire and theft insurance for motor vehicles.  The first type of insurance has many benefits for clients including getting an online discount of 25 percent plus a free Android tablet.  Although in respect of the Android tablet I saw some people complaining about this that it wasn’t worth the deal.   Dodo car insurance also offers many flexible options for clients. As a customer, you will have the choice to choose between market value and agreed value. That means you will decide between insuring your vehicle at an amount agreed by you and Dodo insurance agents or at the current market value. Secondly, you will choose to protect your no claims discount making it possible for you to make one claim during the insurance period or three claims during a period of three years without having an impact on your maximum no claim.

You can restrict the age of the youngest driver to 21, 25, 30 or 40 years to get limited driver discounts. This will substantially lower the amount you pay as premiums. The dodo car insurance provides you with flexibility to determine the level of excess that you pay in case of a car insurance claim. This is a smart option that allows you to reduce significantly the amount of premium paid by varying your excess levels.

It is important at this point for us to find out what other people say about dodo car insurance. Many people know dodo as an internet service provider. Therefore, it comes to them as a surprise when they discover they offer insurance too. Reviewers agree that that the comprehensive car insurance provides the most coverage for clients.

According to Compare the Market Pty Limited, dodo car insurance provides great value, and the company staff provides a quote in just three minutes and many clients like the bonus Android tablet that comes along with comprehensive insurance. This insurance is reliable because it is backed by one of the largest insurance providers in Australia: Auto and General. Dodo is preferred by many car owners because it is low cost and provides high value for all essential services. The comprehensive car insurance provides $5,000 death benefit, 40,000 km new car replacement, $1,000 cover for remote or key replacement, $500 cover for theft of your vehicle’s baby capsule and $500 cover for the loss of personal effects stolen from your car.

Most car owners choose dodo insurance because of many factors including:

  • The generous online discounts,
  • No forms to fill and the flexibility in choosing between monthly and yearly payments.

In case you cancel the insurance policy with 21 days from the purchase date and no claims is made, the company gives a full refund. Dodo car insurance is simply a great cover for car owners in Australia.

Now that’s the wrap for Dodo; I would check out any reviews online also.  There are other providers out there in the “no frills” branding category even Coles Insurance and Woolworths have insurance products available.  As we mentioned in a recent article about ASIC cracking down on car dealers selling life insurance you have to weigh up the factors of whether the vehicle insurance policy meets your needs and budget.

Check online as there may have been more reviews posted by users for Dodo Car Insurance.

You have to wade through the reviews and try and glean whether the reviews are genuine or not.  Sometimes websites which are affiliate sellers place positive reviews to get you to click and generate a “cost per lead” commission out of the enquiry.

Some reviews mentioned as follows below are from a website called “Mozo.”

Dodo Comprehensive Car Insurance car insurance reviews on Mozo.

Please dont go for dodo. So many hooks in it.

It’s not at all good. They hide lots of things & you will realise when you go for claim. My $12,000 car had
an accident, its not at all my fault, somebody else’s fault, its written off and they gave me only $3000.
Please please please go for branded service provider Dodo is very very bad. its terrible.
Please tell your all friends and relatives. I don’t have enough space to explain their worst service. 
Peter (VIC), reviewed 4 months ago

Another reviewer John from Victoria also cited negative feedback about Dodo.

You get what you pay for.

Got insurance quote for my wife’s car via compare website. When my wife tried to ring in order to go ahead
with the quote she was left on hold for so long that she gave up and went with a higher quote. If it takes this
long to give them money I don’t want to think how long it would take to make a claim.

Another reviewer posted –

Cheap but ends here…

Cheap but that ends here. Had accident, vehicle write off, but needed to gather all the evidence for liability
team to prove that I was not at fault. Finally, had to go to the ombudsman for settlement and then they agreed
to pay me, they just want your money even if you are at total loss and they will try to rip you every single
dollar they can and argue endlessly to not pay you.

You might want to check sites such as finder or Choice Magazine for further write ups and reviews.  “Choice Magazine” might have some good reports for downloading giving a much broader perspective on your car insurance requirements.  Price alone shouldn’t be the only determinant of whether a policy is good or not and reading good, honest reviews from others will give you an overall feel for the company. There were negative reviews on Whirlpool, which often have decent responses and replies from genuine users.

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