Have You Checked Cooper Tyres For Prices?

Choosing replacement tyres for your vehicle can get a little complicated. If you haven’t looked into it before, it can almost feel like learning a new language. It’s an important decision, however, and the difference between a good and bad choice can affect both your wallet and safety. That makes it worthwhile to be informed of the different brands and options out there. One company that tends to get overlooked in Australia is Cooper tyres, and Cooper tyres prices and range make them, at least, worth considering.

The Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is an American brand that has been around since 1914. They specialise specifically in replacement tires for cars and trucks. Cooper started in Australia in 1988 when a local Canberra resident began importing the tyres. By 1991, it had expanded into a wholesaling business that continues to distribute their products across the country.  You might see the company advertising as “Cooper Tires,” this is the same company, however, using the US spelling of tires vs. tyres as Australian’s generally spell it.

Products – They offer a broad range of car and truck tyres with an easy to use the selector on their website. The tyres are broken down into three basic categories.

Highway – The highway and highway plus models are aimed at people who are mainly looking to replace their original factory tyres with maybe some upgrade in performance. There is also a premium model for trade vehicles, individuals who do a lot of towing, or carry heavy loads.  Prices start around $123

Touring – The touring models are targeted at SUV drivers. Still mainly for on-road driving, these tyres are also made to provide excellent wet traction, and handle well in mud and sand.  Prices start around $163

All-Terrain – The all-terrain tyres start with a model that is still more balanced for on-road driving but has additional steel in the belt strands for extra carrying capacity. From there they move up to heavy duty models extensively tested in harsh Australian driving conditions. These are for vehicles that spend a significant amount of time off-road, and offer stronger traction across a range of driving conditions.  Prices start around $274

Warranty on Cooper Tyres products.

The importance of a good tyre warranty cannot be overstated. Cooper has two levels of warranties that they heavily promote. The first is coverage up to 100,000 km, depending on the size and tread pattern. The warranty being offered by Cooper Tyres meets or exceeds similar coverage by companies like Bridgestone and Goodyear, who both offer 50,000 km. There are a few conditions that take away from this somewhat. The warranty is subject to “normal usage in on and off-road situations”. To qualify for the warranty, you have to have the tires inspected every 10,000 km. During the inspection, they will look for anything abnormal in the wheel alignment, or balance, and perform a general check to make sure the tyres are being used properly. If you’ve done something that adversely affects tyre wear, then the warranty is void.

They also offer another warranty against manufacturing defects. In this case, the tyres are covered for six years, or until worn down to a 1.6mm tread depth. In the event of a fault, you would still be subject to a replacement charge. They do this on a pro-rata basis taking the initial price times the percentage of the tread depth that has been worn down, and then charging the balance.

Cooper Tyres – Customer Reviews

reviews we noted of Cooper tyres, tyres were not great.  One site has them at 2.4/5 stars after 49 consumer reviews, with just over half giving

cooper tires Australia

Cooper Tyres Australia logo.Source – coopertires.com.au

a “terrible” rate. The majority of complaints talk about tyres wearing out very quickly, and difficulty in getting the warranty honoured.

On the other side, in a Consumer Reports tyre review they give very high praise to Cooper truck tyres, and specifically their Zeon all season model. It may be that this is an area they excel in over general replacement car tyres.

Overall, Cooper tyre prices put them in the range of options worth considering. With strong warranties, and excellent reviews on their more heavy-duty models of tyres, whether you choose this brand or not will likely depend on what kind of tyre best suits your needs.

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