How To Transport Your Vehicle Interstate With CEVA Car Carrying.

CEVA Interstate Car Transport

There are a few reasons why you might need your car transported intrastate or interstate across Australia, but it’s once you’ve made the decision to do so that the stress sets in. As you know, It’s quite a big deal to trust someone else with your vehicle no matter what the value is.  Choosing the right company to move your car is, therefore, crucial. CEVA car carrying is one of the bigger names out there for these services, and it’s worth taking a look at how they fit into the car transport business.

Who are they?

Originally founded in Australia in 1946 as TNT Express, CEVA is the result of the merger of several large logistics companies. Now they are one of the world’s biggest supply chain companies with a presence in over 170 countries and employing over 40,000 people. They have 63 facilities in Australia and can leverage their global resources to offer a broad range of services here.

Services Offered – Car carrying is a significant business for them in this country, and they have some different solutions for any car transport situation including:

Car Transport – The standard service is the basic choice for anyone wanting to move one or a few cars interstate. It might be a family vehicle or a small company fleet that needs to be moved from point A to point B, and this service is appropriate for the kind of car someone would drive every day. They offer door-to-door, depot-to-depot, or any combination of those as transport options. Transport times vary, but depending on the locations, depot to depot can often be done within 24-48 hours. For faster transport with guaranteed times, they also have a priority service available.

For this service, they have a fleet of standard transport trucks with side curtains to protect the vehicles. Some cars, however, might need a higher level of protection. The standard transport trucks have open roofs, but, covered transport can be arranged. In this case, it is an enclosed transport car carrier that protects vehicles from the elements and other risks.

Motorcycle, Prestige, or Specialty Transport – CEVA is also able to arrange transport for more specialized vehicles. This category includes motorcycles, prestige or race cars, farm equipment, or larger company car fleets. In each of these cases, the transport company needs to take more care to ensure that the vehicles arrive in the same condition as when they left. In the case of motorcycles, they have developed a special cradle to secure the front tyre and eliminate the risk of damage to the struts and forks. For prestige vehicles, they will assign a dedicated coordinator to ensure the car is looked after at all times. The car will be loaded using a special hydraulic lift, and will be completely enclosed during the entire journey.

CEVA Car Carrying Cost

Prices are determined by two primary factors, the distance of the travel, and the level of service. For many cases, you’ll have to obtain a specific quotation, but CEVA car carrying does offer several price specials between common depot locations.

Adelaide Depot to Melbourne Depot – from $192

Adelaide Depot to Perth Depot – from $716

Adelaide Depot to Sydney Depot – from $470

Melbourne Depot to Brisbane Depot – from $505

Sydney Depot to Brisbane Depot – from $380

Depot to depot means that you would have to drop the car off and pick it up yourself, but for any occasion the car needs to be stored for a few days, it can be an advantage for it to be kept safe this way.

Making the Right Choice – There are many other companies out there, and some comparison is helpful before making a decision.

  1. Do your research.
  2. Check the companies’ websites, read online reviews, and ask around for recommendations.
  3. Get Quotations.
  4. Almost every company will provide price and quotations online, so it won’t take long to get several to choose.
  5. Don’t Automatically Choose the Lowest Quote
  6. Before choosing the lowest price, make sure you understand how the car will be transported. Is somebody driving it? Is it in an open transport vehicle? Also, double check the location where you need to pick up the car. The larger companies have many depot locations, but others may not be so easily accessible.
  7. Look Into Inspection and Warranty Procedures.
  8. The company should have a transparent procedure for how they will assess the condition of your car before transport, and how compensation works in the event of damage.
  9. Make Your Decision and Get the Car Ready.

CEVA has a very comprehensive list of steps to take to get the car ready. Most importantly, make sure the car is in good working order, that there are no personal items inside, and that anything that can be secured on the vehicle is secured. Also, note that when transporting vehicles to Western Australia some additional regulations apply.

Overall CEVA car carrying offers a broad range of services that will meet almost anyone’s needs. As a large company, you can be very confident your car will not just disappear, but you’ll also be subject to a large company’s procedures if anything goes wrong. Online reviews on the company are mixed. Some place a lot of value in the fact that CEVA is a global company used by many dealerships and manufactures, but others complain that resolving conflicts with them can be very difficult and time-consuming. The best way to make sure for yourself is to spend enough time getting to know all the options out there, and then making the choice that seems to be the most secure.

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