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Last week I visited some friends in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong, so this week’s article keeping the theme of motor vehicles is on the topic of getting rid of your old car (ideally for cash) in Dandenong.  The question faced for someone with an old car that is no longer going or VicRoads registerable is how to get rid of the vehicle.  Ideally, money in your pocket is great and I will give you some information who to contact below that are paying cash for cars.  Usually your not going to get much for the car, some people just want the peace of mind in getting rid of the old clunker and getting it towed away in a matter of hours.

Option-1 Car Donation Services In Melbourne.

First up, if simply getting the vehicle towed off site and removed fast is your number 1 priority and you don’t want to get any money for it then have you considered donating your old car?  There is an active vehicle donation service operating in Melbourne where KUC (refer to the article I posted about “Kids Under Cover”) a registered charity helping kids use a Melbourne car auction company – Manheim’s to collect, auction and distribute the proceeds.  KUC have the system down pat it seems and is one of the few charities around that will have the vehicle towed away from your property for free with 100% of the auction proceeds donated to KUC.

If the car doesn’t start, move or is a rust heap that’s unregisterable then your not going to get much money for it.  KUC still take those types of vehicles.  Regarding Option-2,  I have gotten rid of some vehicles that have reached that point, i.e., Junk status you could say that stage where the real money was just following bad in trying to keep the car on the road.  Save the stress, for peace of mind; there is simply a matter of getting rid of the car to get a problem off your back.  You can do this by ringing wrecking and salvage yards in the area.

Luckily in the Dandenong area, there are some auto wreckers willing to pay cash for old vehicles – which are then sold for scrap and parts.  Some wreckers run eBay stores online and make a thriving trade with online vehicle part sales.  You won’t have to look too hard if you want to find a salvage vehicle service seeking to buy your car.

How much do wreckers pay for your old car? – Seriously, though, these guys don’t pay much, perhaps $200 tops and mainly will make a cash offer over the phone without even seeing the vehicle.  Getting $200 for a much-loved vehicle that’s served time was something I had to swallow on as I had an old black Volvo sport some time ago and seriously, many Volvo collectors would have paid some serious bucks to buy and renovate that old girl.  There are some advertisers online that they say they will pay up to $9,999 for an old car but I doubt that is the case.  It just seems a case of “bait and switch” to generate a phone call.

The highest possible price you will get is by selling the vehicle to someone that wants to drive it.  If the car is old, but a classic then there are many restorers out there who are looking for perhaps your style of vehicle to get back on the road and roadworthy compliant.

A quick check of may find some attractive price values but you could put a free advertisement up on gumtree.  There are also a lot of keen punters through local car clubs who would be chaffing at the bit to get their hands on a restorable car.

If the above sounds like too much work over a scrap of rusting metal, then you need to get rid of the car quick.  Google terms like “cash for cars in Dandenong” and press “maps” and you will see options overlayed on a google map for “car removal”, “car salvage” and “car wreckers”.  All of these listings that you will have to offer the same services,

Almost every company advertises that they pay the highest price and offer free pickup services. There are stories out there of people receiving a few thousand for their scrap vehicle, but typically you’ll be looking at $100-$300 if you need the car to be picked up. You’ll want to call around to get a few quotes first, but there are some companies with good reviews online.

The Car Buyers – They have an extensive network of customers and locations in Dandenong. They offer free online valuations and instant cash settlements.

Metro Car Removals – This company specialises in imports, but will buy any vehicle. They have free estimates and pickups as well.

Old Cars Removed – With similar services to the others, this company also emphasises their environmentally friendly practices, and that they will pick up vehicles that others won’t.  I’m not sure what “picking up vehicles others won’t” is about.

This list of 3 isn’t exhaustive.  If you can suggest another organisation, then by all means drop this web site a referral.

You can check this link which lists more companies.  


Read the user experiences, don’t bypass the negative ones such as the company offering money over the phone and when they arrive to try and bargain you down a bit more on the deal.  One user noted that with a firm called Rapid Car Removal which is based in Dandenong South.  On the flip side, this company had 36 reviews from customers which are quite a lot by comparison and the owner did reply to some of the consumer complaints.

Three months ago
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Quoted $150 over the phone and in an email. When they turned up made some lame excuses and only initially offered $50. Eventually paid $100. Very dishonest, way to quote when your not going to honour that quote. Very dodgy business practices. Should have read the reviews first as this seems to be a common trend.
– Google reviewer quoted above.

It seems reading through some web reviews online that offering money over the phone and then turning up only to find the tow truck driver offering half again appears to be a common complaint amongst people leaving reviews.  There were, in fact, a lot of similar reviews being posted online where people felt ripped off and mislead over the phone prior to the agreement to collect their vehicles.

Be sceptical of reviews suggesting the business as “amazing”, “paid a top price”, “outstanding” and all those glowing reports.  I am not sure what is so “amazing” about getting rid of a junk vehicle for $200 – if you know what I mean.

When you have done the deal and the vehicle is about to be collected – Remember to cancel any outstandings on the car e.g., RACV membership, insurance coverage and unbolt the number plate for returning to VicRoads.  Make sure you haven’t left any personal items in the car.  Once you’ve handed the car over, there will be no way to get anything back you might have left inside.

Once the car is cleaned out your set.

As I mentioned above, ring around the prospective auto buyers which have good reviews although be careful to make sure the reviews appear from genuine customers, read the negative reviews also, not just positive reviewer comments.  Make the call and the car will be collected for towing reasonably quickly and off your hands.

Trent Yorrel Writer
Article By Guest Author - Trent Yorrel

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