Getting A Car Removed On The Gold Coast.

“I am from the Gold Coast and have a vehicle in my garage that is no longer registerable and going.  Can you recommend a wrecking or scrap dealer company from the Gold Coast area that pays cash for old cars” – Reader email from Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Queensland.  I’ve added the name of a business I suggested to the reader at the bottom of this post.

You think it would be easy getting rid of a car, especially if you’re just looking for a little bit of money. Who wouldn’t want to pick a cheap vehicle for a new driver, or as a short-term replacement? It turns out if you’re not careful the whole process of car removal on the Gold Coast can get complicated enough that you’ll soon be wondering if you can even get it done for free. Before you start to worry, though, there are enough choices out there to make sure you get a decent bit of cash, and rid of that old car without much trouble.

Car Removal Services AKA Cash for Cars – The first thing you need to know is that even if the vehicle won’t start, it still has value. Inside are some parts that a mechanic might be able to remove and service, then sell to someone else. Maybe by now it’s just a stripped hulk, but still the metal it’s made of can be scrapped for a small profit. We know this, the car removal companies know this, and that’s why they offer cash for old cars.

There’s a huge list of companies offering car removal in the Gold Coast. You’ll find them under a wide variety of names such as:
• towing companies
• auto salvage
• car wreckers
• car removal
• cash for cars

Whatever they call themselves, what you’re looking for are that they offer free car pickup or towing, and some money for the value of the vehicle.

Be Careful Of The Adverts

Getting rid of your vehicle this way is the most convenient, but you won’t be looking at a lot of money. Many of the companies advertise that they’ll pay up to $9,999 for old cars, trucks, ATVs, etc., but in reality for an old piece of junk, the most anyone should expect is $100-$300. Still it’s worth calling around for a few different appraisals.

Selling Privately – “as is where is.
The best way to get the highest value for your old car is to sell it yourself. It will take more work, and probably more time to find a buyer, but you can often expect to receive as least twice as much as from a car removal service.

The most obvious route to take is to post an ad on Gumtree. Make sure not to overstate the condition of the vehicle, just use the phrase “as is where is’ or car for sale “as wrecking” to let potential buyers know what they are in for. It can be tough to set a price, but don’t be afraid to put it a little high. Buyers looking for cars this way fully expect to negotiate the price, so starting too low is not going to help anything.

Before You Sell
There are a few things you need to know before you sell your old unregistered vehicle. First of all the good news is that you won’t need a safety certificate, as long as the buyer is allowed to inspect the vehicle, they can make the choice whether to purchase it or not. What you will need to do is make sure there is some paper record of the sale.

A simple contract is enough, and it should include:
• buyer’s and seller’s signature
• the vehicle identification number (VIN); or chassis number; and/or the engine number
• the make and model of the vehicle
• the date of the sale.

Each party needs to have a signed record, but after that nothing else needs doing.

So decide what’s most important to you. If it is convenience you’re after, then try a car removal company, if you’re more worried about the money, then sell it privately. Whichever way you choose, you’ll find there’s a good number of buyers out there who know how to turn over a junk car into some extra money, and if you find the right one, you’ll get paid in the process as well.

Important – Remember to remove the number plates before releasing the vehicle.  You might want to read our article here about selling an unregistered motor vehicle in Queensland.

As mentioned in the opening of this article here’s a company you can contact if you are looking to remove a vehicle from your property – Gold Coast Cash For Cars.  Phone 0466 113 333 (That’s the number we have available at the time of writing if this is incorrect, please notify us via the contact page) –  Customer feedback noted on another site said the staff was reasonably friendly.  The reviewer had a 1995 Ford Festiva and called many other companies on the Gold Coast and was offered $100.  This company quoted $200-$250 and paid $200 at the time of pickup.  Seems well short of the circa ten grand “vehicles wanted for cash” ads that you see everywhere online, but as mentioned, $100 to $250 cash on the spot for your vehicle may be more realistic of what you will get from a “tow away” company no matter where you are.

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