Hands Free Car Parts Cleaning. Here’s How.

Ultrasonic cleaners, Australia wide – There are some people that spend a lot of unnecessary time cleaning parts, carbs and bits and pieces by hand. In some cases the oil and grease takes a lot of elbow work that could be otherwise done using a simple, cheap but effective process called ultrasonic cleaning. I recently bought a Kendal Commercial grade ultrasonic cleaner and have been really happy with the cleaning that it has done.  This unit is rated highly and was rated highly by users and retailing at the time of purchase at 71% off the listed price. Heres an article that I wrote about ultrasonic cleaners and hope that it provides some useful information to consider buying one too. If you find an ultrasonic cleaner that is not able to be shipped to Australia then you can use a freight forwarding company for which I have detailed information here. Australia Post can help with freight from the US to AU as you will see in the article.

Lets get back to Ultrasonic cleaners.

These devices are great. Carbs, Fishing bits, bicycle cranks, eye glasses, jewelry and more. These devices use water, yes water to clean. Theres no scrubbing and mucking around with corrosive solvents. You can buy solvents to add to the ultrasonic parts cleaning tank but in a lot of situations water for the tank is sufficient to clean what you need and also added solvents will get rid of those stubborn stains.  At the end of the day ultrasonic cleaners will save you a lot of work and are a highly efficient car parts cleaner. Stick the bits into the devices holding bay, add water, switch it on and let the machine rock!

How do ultrasonic cleaners work?

Theres a lot of information available online about using ultrasonic cleaners. They are popular overseas with shooters in the US to clean spent ammunition. Fishermen, Jewellers, Dentists, Mechanics for parts washing use ultrasonic cleaners.  As an ultrasonic parts cleaner this system works.

The units in the past were terribly expensive and largely used by business. Cheaper production costs and methods to make the units have seen the prices of ultrasonic cleaners drop dramatically. The prices are in some cases incredible for what you get and you can get ultrasonic cleaning units such as the Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine for USD$29.99 which is a saving of 70% on the recommended retail price! Solvents for the cleaners are also reasonably cheap at around USD$6.00 to $10.00 on Amazon.com.

Ultrasonic cleaning units are quite simple in design and construction. They generally have a plastic case but some like the Kendal Commercial grade ultrasonic cleaners have stainless steel construction. There can be a LCD screen as well as a heater and the tank which you place the items to be cleaned. The secret to ultrasonic cleaning is the transducer which produces high frequencies. This process of high frequency on the water makes bubbles and the crashing of bubbles is what cleans the dirty item you want cleaned. This is called the cavitation process.  The bubbles collide and literally shake off the dirt or grease off at high speed.

You can place many things into the holding tank for cleaning including vehicle parts ie. carburetors, brass bits, military medals, CDs and LP records (this is a specialised ultrasonic cleaning unit) and more. The cavitation process will clean off and shine the item clean.

Not all ultrasonic cleaners are the same and you need to be mindful of what the purpose you need the unit for. If you want more details about choosing an ultrasonic cleaner, there is more information at ultrasonic cleaners reviews.com (site down).  Tank size, basket size, whether heated or not heated (water) and frequency of the transducer are just some of the considerations you need to make.  You can see many videos on youtube of people using these units to clean many different types of items back to new, unboxings, comparison videos etc.  Youtube is worth checking out.  Some units tend to target specific niche markets eg. Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner (110 volts though – just check for Australian voltages) targets shooters with their cleaners for cleaning spent ammunition shells.  If you want a ultrasonic parts cleaner for you business you have to know how big the tank size is that you want.

Where can you buy an ultrasonic cleaner?

I have tended to use ultrasonic cleaners and have a bias to ordering goods online and off Amazon.  I declare that I am an Amazon affiliate and any advertised product to Amazon or links entitle me to a small commission on settled sales.  Theres a tonne of brands on AMZ for sale.  They are cheap and some ultrasonic cleaners are heavily discounted.  Take the Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine  for example which listed at the crazy discount of 70% off RRP mentioned above.  The Magnasonic  is an ultrasonic cleaner which can be used for the home cleaning situation.

As mentioned in the opening of this article, some units state that they cannot be shipped to Australia.  The first thing when you see that lovely unit is .. OMG! It says that it is not shippable to Australia.  Don’t worry, there is a “work around” for this issue and as mentioned, refer to a post that I did  freight forwarding company to ship the product from the US instead. This method of purchasing is simple. Australia post have a freight forwarding service also called shop-mate.  The wait will be worth it so be patient.

A word on ultrasonic cleaning solvents

I don’t clean carbs with my unit but just to say for those that do, you can use a combination of traditional parts cleaning solvent that you would have used to scrub the carbs and let it soak eg. Berrymans chem dip is a well known brand of parts cleaning solvent.  After the item has been left soaking you can have a round 2 by using the ultrasonic cleaner to clean the carbs.  Another brand of ultrasonic cleaning solution on the market is “Pine Sol“.  This is specifically designed as a carb cleaning liquid solutions.

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