Choosing The Right Car Accident Lawyers In Brisbane.

If you’ve been the victim of a motor vehicle accident, you should immediately seek out advice from a firm experienced in the area of motor vehicle accident law.  There are many law firms in Brisbane but you have to focus on the firms that have undertaken many cases in car accident law for their clients. Law firms with experience in personal injury claims can help you to understand your compensation eligibility as well as lodging compensation claims. There’s no reason any victim should have to deal with the consequences on their own. An experienced car accident lawyer may not be able to help you with the injury, but they can make sure no one has to suffer a financial loss as the result of someone else’s carelessness.

What is a Motor Vehicle Accident?

These kinds of accidents can involve more than just one car hitting another. Personal injury claims can be filed for a broad range of accidents including:

  • Injuries to the driver or passenger of a motor vehicle
  • A pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Accidents involved cyclists
  • Accidents involving recreational vehicles
  • Accidents resulting from items on the road or items not secured properly to vehicles

What Can Be Claimed?

The laws state that anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident is entitled to compensation. Exactly what kind of compensation is not clearly defined, but the right car crash lawyer can help to determine what entitlements a person may have. Typically that includes:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future rehabilitation expenses
  • Loss of income due to missed work
  • Compensation for family members who provided care and services to recovery
  • An amount for pain and suffering

What Qualifies as an Injury?

The word injury in these cases extends beyond just physical pain. The law approaches what qualifies as an injury broadly to make sure that there is an account for damages. Again, this is an area where consulting with a car accident lawyer is going to help to determine what’s claimable and what’s not.

Types of injuries that claimable are:

  • Physical injuries
  • Psychological injuries
  • Brain damage
  • Accidents that involve a person’s death
  • Injuries to children and unborn babies

How Much Will it Cost?

There are different ways a legal firm will bill a client, but motor vehicle accident solicitors will commonly offer No Win No Fee agreements. These agreements are just as they sound, if the lawyers do not win the case, then the client pays no fees.

If the case is won, something called the 50/50 rule comes into play. Legal fees can be capped at 50% of the settlement amount, and is calculated after any refunds that must payable. The purpose of this rule is the make sure that the client always comes out of a settlement better off financially than when they started.

Car crash lawyers are allowed to charge something called ‘uplift fees’. These are an increase of 25% in the usual fees charged and are meant to reflect the risk they took in making the case. In many cases, this ensures the fees will indeed be 50% of the settlement, but you can ask the lawyer in advance.

There are two exceptions to No Win No Fee agreements. The first are outlays that the firm might spend money on. Usually, they are entitled to recover these costs regardless of the outcome of the case, and outside of the 50/50 rule.  What if the client loses their case? If this occurs, no legal fees will be charged, but often the losing side is asked to pay the legal costs of the other side. These costs are borne entirely by the client.

How to Choose the Right Lawyer?

There are many car accidents lawyers in Brisbane, and choosing the right one comes down mostly to common sense. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Pick a law firm that has specialists in personal injury claims. You want someone who spends most of their time focusing on the area where you need representation.
  • Take advantage of the free consultations. Almost all personal injury firms offer these, ask friends and family for a few recommendations, and use the free consultation to meet with different options.
  • Ask about the fees. Do they offer No Win Fee agreements? Do they charge the full uplift fee? What kind of outlays do they expect?
  • Choose someone you’re comfortable with. Communication between lawyer and client is critical to winning a case. When you meet with a lawyer, you should be respected and feel heard.

Make sure not to delay too long after your accident. You typically have between 3 and nine months to give notice of your claim, depending on the particular circumstances. It’s important to find a lawyer as soon as possible to make sure you receive time compensation. With so many car accident lawyers to choose from in Brisbane finding one is easy. Knowing the facts beforehand will make sure you find the right one.

Here are some numbers to get going –

Queensland Law Society

You might want to ring this suburban practice called Colin Patino and Company.  They are personal injury lawyers based at 9 Central 130 Station Rd, Corinda, QLD 4075 or telephone 0733796611.  I have not been in contact with these guys, but the listing came as a mention online in a discussion about personal injury claims and someone looking for a Brisbane car accident lawyer.  Ask around on forums such as Whirlpool, pose a question like  this guy in Sydney did.  There may be Facebook groups also worth posting a question, and these groups have many, many users in some cases.  Ideally, the best contacts will come through people who have been there, done that before you as in some cases, lawyers themselves can charge like “wounded bulls” and you won’t have much left from the end compensation payout.

There are many firms online advertising or in the media.  Trilby Misso, Maurice BlackburnShine Lawyers and others are quite prominent in the media.  Some firms have offices on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane and work on a no-win, no-fee basis.  Personally, I have engaged lawyers on a fixed fee basis as you know exactly the costs which are clearer before engagement.  The other thing is don’t discount the quality of smaller tier practices for their ability to look at your case.

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