Toyota Factory Explosion In January Causes Part Order Delays.

Car owners looking for Toyota spare parts have had some issues in the past months.

If you have a cheaper Toyota car, you can have no problem finding Toyota spare parts online but for new model vehicle owners parts have been difficult to source.  As we understand, the word is that in January of this year, an explosion at one of Toyota’s steel plants in central Japan had quite an impact on overall product and distribution of spare parts and vehicles as a whole.

There are sites with new part sales and catalogs of parts.  But there are many parts with shipping delays.  You can have parts shipped from overseas, so if you are chasing spares, you need not rely on a local reseller.  The first place for new parts online is the Toyota website itself.  There are many smaller resellers online selling spares also.  Of course, your local and regular mechanic can get parts ordered in no problem but for others who can fit or get the bit fitted for a lower price then buying online is a good alternative.

I tend to buy parts from ebay and to pay using Paypal.  There are some ebay stores selling spare parts for many makes of vehicles, not just Toyotas.  Take City Toyota for example and their ebay store.  I’m a bit of an eBay junky for electronics, phone cases, and smaller bits I have bought for my Volvo and found the ebay service excellent and fast.  Do a search such as “used Toyota parts” in the search box on eBay and variations and you might find someone who is wrecking bits.  This may be more cost effective if you have an old Toyota vehicle which, on an economical basis is better suited to wrecked bits and secondhand spare parts rather than paying high-priced markups for new bits or OEM bits.  Been there and done that, putting a lot of good money after bad into another make and it got me nowhere.

When I checked eBay there were a tonne of Toyotas being advertised for wrecking.  There were the stock standard Corolla parts for sale but also bits and pieces for the Hilux 4×4.  You can also message the sellers and try and come up with some cost efficient system of getting the part posted or couriered somehow, that will vary between sellers.

Why I Use Paypal To Buy Online.

The reason I love to use Paypal and pay online with PayPal is that I am not handing my credit card details over to a third part and also Paypal offer buyer protection.  I have had Paypal for quite a while and used Paypal for a refund for some dodgy software I bought, and they refunded me no problem, and after that experience, I was sold.

By the way check which is mentioned throughout this site as there are usually wrecks also being advertised, and you will find possibly local sellers on gumtree vs. ebay sellers who more than likely are in another state or overseas.  When buying with gumtree though it doesn’t have the convenience and buyer protection as has which tends to be “stores” set up vs. dealing with private sellers.

There are stores also such as for you  Toyota Hilux owners, you can buy from online stores like or  Each of these online distributors boasts a large stock of spare Toyota parts from engine parts to suspensions to axles to prop shafts.

image of ebay parts being sold from Toyotas being wrecked.

Photo credit – search – When I checked there were a lot of Toyota vehicles advertised for wrecking as well as eBay stores selling an array of parts.

On other news with Toyota by the way, I was looking for a small runabout and wanted to mention that Toyota merged with Daihatsu.

Hopefully, Toyota would have gotten on top of its backlog of parts orders caused by the factory explosion.

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