Author: Mariano Costa

Mr. Mariano Costa is a member of our content team and has been with Carsaust since July 2016. "Costa" as he is commonly referred has been a freelance writer and contributor to various automotive blogs and forums. Based in Melbourne.

Have You Checked Cooper Tyres For Prices?

Choosing replacement tyres for your vehicle can get a little complicated. If you haven’t looked into it before, it can almost feel like learning a new language. It’s an important decision, however, and the difference between a good and bad choice can affect both your wallet and safety. …

The Best SUV In Australia, Whats Your Pick?

I’ve posted some articles summarising the recent round of testing done by website Australia’s Best Cars or ABC for short.  You can get their web address and information on our other posts.  The company did exhaustive testing in a lot of categories of vehicles from small, medium, SUV …
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