Australian Cops ‘Beef Up’ Their Cop Cars With New Models.

Traditionally in the past Australian police have used the popular models of Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon as pursuit vehicles.  These two iconic brands have been battling dwindling sales and  winding down of the locally produced car industry generally.

So where too for new police car models to replace the existing fleets of Commodores and Falcons?  Enter … A new and more powerful fleet of vehicles.

Recently the Victorian Police have taken delivery of their most power powerful, most expensive, and fastest police cars yet.  The Mercedes GLE63 AMG.  These Mercedes GLE63 AMG police cars are powered by a massive V8 engine with twin turbocharger. They are capable of reaching the speed limit in only 4.2 seconds. This is much faster than any previous model that has ever been on the road here.

Australian Police trialed and used other European cars, including a Porche 911 in service with the New South Wales (NSW) highway patrol, but these Mercedes are not for any public awareness campaign. They will be used as highway patrol vehicles on a daily basis by the Victoria police. If you are a concerned taxpayer as to how the state is piling money into luxury vehicles for general road duty, you need not be. These Mercedes-Benz  vehicles will not cost taxpayers any money as they are on loan for a year from the Mercedes-Benz company.

NSW Police even tested out a Ford Mustang for replacement options for their NSW highway patrol car fleet but the Mustang vehicle failed due to overheating problems.

Vehicles such as the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore, which have been in service for decades, are needing replacements. Police in Australia are now looking for suitable replacements. It is rather unlikely the new Mercedes will become a regular on the police fleet,  this is largely due to the cost of the Merc’s. But they will serve as a measuring stick for other police cars under consideration.

Likely New Candidates For New Australian Police Cars In 2016/2017.

Toyota Camry is likely to be the replacement for Victorian police cars – While Victorian cops can dream of driving the high-powered Mercedes as part of their duties, the future of Victorian police cars will most likely to be a Toyota Camry after the year-long experiment ends. The Toyota is very likely to replace most police vehicles that perform general duties across Australia. It is a much bigger task to replace the iconic Falcon and Holden models since they offer so much performance for such a low price.

NSW Porsche Carrera police pursuit car

Porsche 911 police car - source

Ford Mustang Police car

Ford Mustang was one of a number of vehicles police are considering to replace Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon pursuit cars, once they go out of production. The Ford Mustang started overheating during a testing phase and failed the test according to online reports. Photo - Facebook.

Victorian Police Mercedes Benz AMG vehicle

The Mercedes-Benz vehicle that will be with Victorian police for a year. Photo source

Toyota Camry Police Car

the Toyota Camry which will become more commonplace on Victorian and Melbourne streets to replace the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore vehicles.

Things May Not Be As They Appear in Queensland – If you’re driving over the speed limit in Queensland, you had better take note of what is around you. What looks like a family station wagon could very well be an undercover police car.  After a police vehicle went undercover disguised as a “family wagon” complete with stickers on the back was seen driving around, a number of Queensland residents took to social media to voice their displeasure about it, but it has done them little good. Some even complained it is illegal for police to do such a thing.  The bad news for speeding drivers?  Disguising vehicles in Queensland such as the family wagon  isn’t illegal. The practice of disguising undercover police cars in Queensland will continue. A family station wagon is not the only disguise police are willing to use either. You need to be on the lookout for a small white truck with a silver tray, a Volkswagen van which is dark grey in colour, and yet another Volkswagen van that is light grey in colour – the Queensland cops are disguising or driving vehicles in many different brands, styles, shapes and colours in order to engage speeding drivers.

You may see more undercover police vehicles decked out with stickers featuring white, stick figures that represent family members, and sometimes even the family pet in the future in Queensland.  Such police cars have been observed recently around Surfer’s Paradise, where they have caused some outrage among those who were busted by the police. But it is completely legal, and it is up to the discretion of the local police to use them as they see fit.


writer david baker
Article By Guest Author - David Baker.

This article has been submitted by guest post writer - David Baker.  Originally from New Zealand, a passionate traveller, I have been spending a mix of time in Australia and South East Asia for the last fifteen years.  A freelance writer, and photographer I contribute media and investigative articles for a number of media outlets and specialist blogs.  My area of interest is motor vehicle auctions, new car sales and used car, online sales.  Other areas include airline and hotel writeups and product reviews.

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