7 Ways Window Tinting Enhances Your Car

What is Window tinting

What is window tinting? This article will explain more about tinting your vehicle’s windows.

Window Tinting Helps You In More Ways Than You May Be Aware Of…

Picture this – you’re driving your car and are in a great mood. After a while the sun rays

start burning into your skin, making you uncomfortable.

As you keep driving you to watch passerby’s get a quick glance of the people inside your vehicle. You turn to have a look at the seats behind and see them soaking up the sunlight. Obviously, those seats are soon going to turn into the hot seats! Suddenly you see another vehicle drive by. It sure looks rather refined.

You try to look at the driver or passengers and realise that window film prevents you from seeing clearly. You strain your eyes and finally get a small glimpse – passengers look comfortable without having to deal with the sun’s harsh rays.

Now doesn’t that make you want to own a vehicle with similar luxuries? Window tinting is the only thing that made the difference between yours and the car you just saw. All the times you dismissed getting your windows tinted you sure hadn’t considered these perks, had you?

Here are seven reasons why you should say yes to window tinting.

Acts like a shield:

Shield protection is the biggest benefit of getting window tinting done. The film serves as a barrier and prevents UVA and UVB rays from entering the vehicle.

Car window tinting Melbourne.

There are numerous benefits to tinting your car’s windows, not just aesthetic benefits.

Even if you don’t want to go in for a dark shade of film, you could opt for a clear film. It may be clear in colour, but it still will be able to keep up to 99.9% of UV rays out. You may already know this fact, but it does no harm to give you a reminder.

UV rays are responsible for speeding up the skin ageing process. Being exposed to harsh sunlight for long durations can also lead to skin cancer. Since the film absorbs the heat, it can withstand the heat for longer, thereby strengthening the glass. This means it is less prone to needing earlier repair or replacement.

Stay cool:

Given the soaring temperatures that Melbourne experiences people do everything they can to cool down the place.

When It comes to the travelling by vehicle two people, use the air-conditioner on full blast. But often the air conditioner can’t save you when the sun is constantly in direct contact with your skin. Since film absorbs heat, it helps cool down the vehicle. This saves you from constantly having to change the air-conditioner settings to keep every passenger comfortable.

Protect your car:

If the sun causes damage to your skin, it sure does the same for your vehicle’s interiors. Upholstery and Interiors can lose out on their functionality and looks due to being exposed to the sun’s rays for long hours.

You’ve purchased your vehicle with hard-earned money, and it only makes sense to protect that investment. Finding out that the interiors are warped, cracked, or fading will indeed cause you real heartbreak. To add to that, you will have to shell out more money to repair the damages or go in for replacements.


Being dark in colour, the first thing that you associate with tinting is its dark shade. As I mentioned before, the dark colour makes it difficult to peep into the vehicle. This gives you and your passengers’ privacy within the vehicle.

Having privacy allows you to do whatever you need to without being bothered by peeping-toms. You don’t necessarily have to choose the darkest shade. If you prefer a lighter coloured film, you can opt for that. When you visit the store, you could make enquiries. Or if you opt for a mobile service you could have a chat with the professional before they begin the installation.


When you opt for car window tinting, you are choosing to keep your vehicle safe. The film makes the glass stronger.

Hence, burglars find it difficult to break-in. The fact that film gives you privacy and prevents people from looking inside also adds to this. Since burglars are unsure if they will find anything expensive inside the vehicle they might even reconsider breaking into your car.

VicRoads window tinting laws Victoria

Car window tinting laws – Victoria.

With enhanced security your chances of having to take care of repair and replacement caused due to burglary, are slim.

Protection from sunburn:

If you drive for long hours, you will be familiar with this phenomenon. Often only one side of your hand or face is exposed to the sun. This results in getting a tan or sunburn only on the side that has been hit by the strong sunlight. It is here that car window tinting comes to your rescue.

Store items inside your carwithout hassle:

How often have you found yourself in a fix where you have been forced to carry things along with you because you couldn’t leave it in the car? I am guessing a lot of times. That’s because we all know that leaving things in the vehicle is like tempting the burglars.

No need to lug things around or store them under the seat or hide it. With car window tinting people find it difficult to look into the vehicle. Having your vehicle’s windows tinted saves you from potential break-ins, followed by repair and replacement.

Now is a good time to call up Melbourne’s mobile car window tinting professionals before the summer season arrives.  A1 Windscreens can be contacted on the numbers provided below.

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